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Facts You Should Know About Dog Training Boot Camps

Facts You Should Know About Dog Training Boot Camps

Enrolling your pet in a dog training boot camp is a big decision. You should know that a boot camp, often referred to as a board and train program, helps change your dog’s behaviour, making them learn new skills to become more obedient, friendly, and well-mannered. But not all boot camps are good and effective. So it is crucial to find out about them before sending your pet.

Here is a complete guide to help you decide what type of dog training is ideal for your pet.

What are Dog Training Boot Camps?

In general, a dog training boot camp is where you send your dog to a drop-off facility for a specific period. Depending on the program, your pup may receive lessons on basic manners and social interaction.

If it is a kennel board and train program, they will be confined to a kennel most of the day except when they need to be out for training.

How Long Does Your Pet Have to Stay at a Boot Camp?

If it is a typical board and train boot camp at a school, it usually takes about two weeks. However, the time may vary depending on whether your pet needs basic or specialized training. You should communicate with the trainer to get a clear idea of how long your pet needs to stay.

Types of Dog Training Methods Used at a Boot Camp

Different dog trainers use different training methods. This is where it is crucial to find out how your pet will be trained and treated during the stay. Change your decision if you think your dog will be punished or forced to wear a shock collar.

Here are some of the best dog training methods applied at professional boot camps:

Positive Reinforcement

The training focuses on the use of rewards to reinforce good behaviour. When your pet does what they are told to do, they are rewarded immediately after completing the task. And if they don’t follow the instructions, the dog trainer will hold the reward until they succeed. The reward given to your pet can be a toy, a treat, praise or an expression of affection.

Scientific Training

This method is a combination of different dog training methods. It is not as simple as positive reinforcement and is often applied by dog trainers who believe it’s vital to promote good behaviour without using rewards. Trainers who use this method must do constant research to ensure they stay updated with the latest techniques.

Clicker Training

Although clicker training takes a different approach, the goal is to reward good manners. It helps your dog learn to associate good behaviour with positive things. Some dog trainers may also refer to this method as a subset of positive reinforcement.

Your dog’s trainer will use a device with a clicking noise to communicate with the dog when they need to perform a specific task. The click timing is important, and every click is followed by a reward, provided your pup obeys the command. This dog training method is great for encouraging good manners but cannot be used to eliminate bad behaviour.

How to Choose a Dog Training Boot Camp?

Focus on a Specific Goal

What do you want the dog training program to help your pet learn? You need to answer this question before you look for a boot camp. Do you need training for an aggressive dog? Then you should look for trainers who specialize in particular issues.

Gain Knowledge About Different Dog Training Methods

Ensure the dog trainer will not use any punishment-based training, which can harm your dog’s behaviour and health. Many gentle training techniques are effective and enjoyable for pets. Check all the details or see if you can sit during the session to watch how they train.

Notice How Trainers Interact with You

Communication can tell you a lot about the dog trainer. A warm and welcoming interaction is a great sign that your dog will be treated well.

How Old Should a Puppy Be for Dog Training?

A puppy can learn basic commands such as “sit” and “stay” even before two months. But avoid waiting for too long until a bad behaviour becomes a habit as you may miss a chance to mold the behaviour. If you are unsure whether your puppy is ready for training, you can talk to your vet or consult a professional dog trainer.

Which Dogs are Best Suited for Dog Training Boot Camps?

Some dog breeds can learn well in a kennel-based board and training, while others may need a different dog training program. So, it is essential to decide what will suit your dog.

Dogs that are sociable and friendly to other dogs and people are most likely to thrive in a boot camp.

FAQs on What Issues Can a Dog Training Boot Camp Address

Is a Board & Train Program Suitable for Treating Separation Anxiety?

You should avoid sending your pet to a boot camp if they are dealing with separation anxiety because taking them away from home can worsen the problem.

Is a Dog Boot Camp Right for Treating Aggression?

You require a one-on-one dog training session to train aggressive dogs. Boot camps are not effective as learning happens in groups.

Is a Dog Training Program Suitable for Addressing Leash Reactivity?

We do not recommend a send-away program if your dog lunges or barks at other dogs when they are on a leash. But it might work if your pet is friendly and the facility has a small number of dogs.

Is a Dog Training Boarding School Effective in Relieving Anxiety and Fear?

If your pup experiences fear and anxiety, staying away from their owner and home can add more stress. At-home training sessions will give you the best results.

Is Board & Train Facility Good for Manners Training?

Absolutely. The dog training boot camps are ideal for friendly dogs who must polish their manners.

We Offer Dog Training That Suits Your Needs

At Alpha Paws, we believe every dog is unique and deserves a tailored approach to training. Your pet with bad behaviour isn’t a “bad dog.” They only need the proper care, attention, and training that they deserve.

We implement a wide range of gentle dog training methods that are fun to learn. Here are the different types of sessions we offer depending on what suits your pet and your schedule:

To know more about our dog training services, contact us at 905-830-9500 or toll-free at 1-877-868-7297. You can also fill out our form to consult our expert dog trainers.

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