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The Best Benefits of Crate Training a Puppy

The Best Benefits of Crate Training a PuppyThe Best Benefits of Crate Training a Puppy

Even if you have all the arrangements to make your home safe for your puppy, they are prone to mischief when alone. Crate training a puppy is one of the best ways to keep them safe while helping them with training routines.

Many homeowners see crates as a jail for their pets. Not using a crate correctly can actually become a jail for them. A crate is not a space for punishment. Instead, it is their personal space where they can feel safe and comfortable, especially when you are not around to watch over them. This article discusses the best benefits your puppy can get through proper crate training.

10 Benefits of Crate Training a Puppy

Makes Your Puppy Feel Safe

You can try your best to make your home safer for your puppy. However, cords, planters, and strings from curtains can be dangerous if they decide to explore. Crate training your puppy will prevent them from engaging in unsafe activities when you can’t supervise them.

Protects Them from Destructive Behaviours

Puppies are naturally curious, so they can quickly get into trouble. They can even learn destructive habits when they are bored. During their teething stages, chewing becomes a routine, and they can chew anything that soothes them, from your couch to your shoes. Crate training can prevent them from learning these bad habits.

Helps Your Puppy in Potty Training

You need to teach your puppy many things in their early years, and following routines can make everything easy. Crate training and potty training happen simultaneously, so crates can effectively teach them to control their bladder.

They Get Their Alone Time

Some puppies need some time alone to destress. And helping them learn this skill early is necessary so they can be left home alone when required. Besides, if you have other pets, young kids or multiple family members in the house, your puppy will benefit from having a quiet space that belongs only to them. Over time, they will learn to go to their crate willingly for a nap or to hide away from the hustle at home.

Makes Travelling Less Stressful

Crate training a puppy is beneficial even when you are travelling. Whether you are going on a road trip, taking a flight, or camping with your pet, crates can be an excellent tool to keep them safe and calm all the time. It will make the journey more enjoyable and less stressful for you and your pup.

Helps Them Relax & Decompress

Every dog needs a place to relax. It is especially essential for puppies as they get overstimulated quickly and require a lot of “downtime” to unwind. If you have toddlers at home, crate training can make things easier.

Acts as a Resting Place for Injured Or Sick Dog

Crate training your puppy will be hugely beneficial when sick or injured. Some dogs need several weeks of rest to heal from an injury such as a broken leg or those who are undergoing heartworm treatment. During this time, a crate is the best place to help them feel safe and comfortable for faster healing.

Gives Them a Place to Relax During Holidays & Parties

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are when there is chaos, loud noise, and flickering lights outside and indoors. Your pup must get a place to relax and be comfortable. Puppies can get anxious and overexcited during such times, so a crate will help them remain calm and contained while being safe at home.

Lets You Stay Away From Home

Crate training can also be beneficial when visiting a person’s home for a few days or checking in a dog-friendly hotel for a long-distance trip. You can easily tuck them in a crate in another room of someone’s home or a hotel and go about your to-do list or bucket list without worries.

Helps When You Get a New Dog at Home

If you are getting a new puppy or dog to your home, it is crucial to have a crate for the new pet, provided your existing puppies are crate trained. This allows for an easy and safe introductory period. However, there is a defined protocol for this, and it helps to consult a dog trainer.

We Can Help You Crate Train Your Puppy

A crate is a wonderful tool you can introduce to your puppy. In no time, you will see that your pup prefers the crate when they want to sleep or enjoy some time alone in their dwelling.

Alpha Paws can help you crate-train your puppy to allow you to have a smoother and happier relationship with your pet. Consider enrolling your pup in our puppy preschool program that helps them learn a variety of skills that make them a well-behaved pet.

For more details, contact us at 905-830-9500 or toll-free at 1-877-868-7297. Alternatively, you can fill out our form to book a training session.

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