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  • Obedience Training

    Basic Obedience commands are fundamental to forging
    a strong relationship based on mutual love and respect
    between owner and dog.

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  • Experience and Success

    Since 2001, Alpha Paws has trained more than 1000 dogs, helping families
    to share a loving relationship with their canine companions.

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Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool

Designed to help puppies and their owners get off on the right foot (paw?) to ensure a happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationship.

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Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience

Basic Obedience commands are fundamental to forging a strong relationship based on mutual love and respect between owner and dog.

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Off Leash

Off Leash

Off Leash Training enhances the trust bond between a dog and its owner to the extent that the dog remains willing to listen when roaming free.

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Aggressive Behaviour

Aggressive Behaviour

Alpha Paws’ aggression control training programs are designed to specifically address issues that you are facing with your dog.

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The Alpha Paws Approach to Dog Training

Complete Puppy Pre-School Training

At Alpha Paws, we understand how critical dog training is and are committed to offering basic obedience classes and advanced instruction. We place the utmost importance on puppy pre-school for all dogs to establish a loving bond between you and your pup. Puppies experience a peak learning and socialization period between the ages of 3 and 17 weeks. They aren’t afraid of new or strange objects, are open to exploring new things, and are incredibly receptive to training methods.

During the classes with our trainers, your puppy will be taught basic commands and curated training techniques in a safe environment. We can teach them essential skills such as patience and socializing with other people and dogs in a controlled environment.

Best Dog Training & Obedience School

Whether you are looking for aggressive dog training, basic obedience classes, or struggling with a fearful and anxious dog, our qualified trainers can help you. We have the experience to offer friendly, yet professional care for your pup.

Our customized puppy training focuses on the following aspects:

  • Meet the unique requirements of dog owners
  • Help you build a better relationship with your pup
  • Enhance the quality of your dog’s life
  • Encourage working with the pup’s natural spirit to induce positive behaviour
  • Promoting socialization and obedience
  • Learning to walk off the leash and be polite

If you are looking for an experienced, patient, kind, and professional dog trainer in and around Newmarket, be sure to contact us! We are also able to provide in-home consultations if needed.

Evaluate & Assess 1 Evaluate & Assess

Get an appraisal of your dog’s demeanor and conduct and what type of obedience training is needed for a well-behaved dog.

Build a Training Program 2 Build a Training Program

Work together with your dog to become a team that learns how to communicate and how to satisfy each other’s needs.

Proven Results 3 Proven Results

Be amazed at how quickly your dog will respond in a single session and what can be achieved in a full training program.

Request an Assessment 4 Contact Us

Learn how our Alpha Paws obedience training programs can strengthen and transform your relationship with your dog.

Quality Dog Obedience Training

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