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Leading The Pack – An Owner’s Guide To Dog Training

Want to learn how to train your dog and get the same results as the best professional trainers?

Let our dog training expert, Peter Brown, show you how in Leading The Pack – An Owners Guide To Dog Training

Many of the secrets of Dog Training Nature’s Way® are revealed in this 90 minute quality DVD video and comprehensive companion manual. Download NOW or order your copy of this package for shipping today.

  • Easy to understand techniques that any dog owner can learn
  • No special tools or equipment
  • Pro training tips and tricks that save you time and get better results
  • Safe and natural ways for your pet to learn

Leading The Pack will help you to train your dog quickly and effectively, whether you need to:


Many Ways To Purchase

1. Mix ‘n’ Match
Download individual lessons and/or the manual to suit your dog training needs

2. Get All 5 Video Lessons on One DVD
Ready for viewing with your DVD player

Leading The Pack Complete PackageComplete Package – (Incl. DVD + Manual)

Why Not Have It All – Your Dog Will Love You For It! The Comprehensive Alpha Paws Dog Training Manual and the Complete Alpha Paws DVD Series FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN USA & CANADA.

Our Price:
$89.99 CAD

Dog Training ManualDownload Training Manual – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

The Comprehensive Alpha Paws Dog Training Manual

Our Price:
$17.77 CAD

Dog Training IntroIntroduction & Lesson 1 – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

Every Pack has a Leader – The easiest way to train your dog is to use the same techniques used in nature.

Our Price:
$9.99 CAD

Dog Training Start At The BeginningLesson 2 Start at the Beginning – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

All good training happens on the basis of a strong bond between you and your dog.

Our Price:
$9.99 CAD

Dog Obedience TrainingLesson 3 Obedience Training – Push-Ups for Your Dog – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

Having an obedient dog means earning and keeping his respect.

Our Price:
$9.99 CAD

Practical Dog TrainingLesson 4 Practical Training – More Fun for You – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

Now that you are over the hard work, you can put everything you and your dog have learned into some really practical commands that will make your life easier.

Our Price:
$9.99 CAD

More Practical Dog TrainingLesson 5 More Practical Training – Putting it all Together – INSTANT DOWNLOAD!

Your dog needs exercise and a daily walk is necessary, but can you control your pet while moving around outside the confines of your home?

Our Price:
$9.99 CAD

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