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Establishing Yourself as the Pack Leader for Your Dog

Establishing Yourself as the Pack Leader for Your Dog Positive Reinforcement Dog Training Helps Owners Assume Role as Pack Leader Moviegoers can likely identify with the storyline in which one of the characters portrays a very intimidating individual who simply does or takes whatever they want without regard for other people or their property. In this representation, this person may be particularly aggressive, argumentative, uncooperative, undisciplined in their ...

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Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying or Adopting a Dog

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying or Adopting a DogPreparing Home and Family for the Responsibilities of Buying or Adopting a DogThere can certainly be considerable excitement and anticipation as people count the days until their new dog comes home for the first time; this is particularly true for those new to dog ownership but undoubtedly exhilarating in all such circumstances.  Whether that dog is a puppy that ...

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Reading the Label of Ingredients in Dog Food

Reading the Label of Ingredients in Dog FoodAre Dog Owners Sure That They Are Feeding Their Pets Only High-Quality Food?Most consumers would likely be familiar with advertising that recommends they read the label before purchasing food products. While these buyers might not be familiar with all of the ingredients listed, they are encouraged to scan the contents for such concerns as salt content, fat content, and the potential ...

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Information and Options for Adopting a Dog

Information and Options for Adopting a DogObedience Training Classes May Be a Fundamental Aspect to Adopting a DogIt is indeed unfortunate when individuals or families need to place their dog for adoption.  Whether this must be done for family reasons, matters of personal health, relocation, or lifestyle changes, the dog is an innocent party in these decisions.  What is perhaps even more disheartening is a circumstance that mandates ...

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Why Housebreaking or Potty Training is Important for Your Puppy

Why Housebreaking or Potty Training is Important for Your PuppyConsistency and Positive Reinforcement Are Key Facets in Puppy Potty TrainingWhen a puppy comes home for the first time, it sets in motion a period of adjustment for both the dog and their new owner-family.  The puppy will need time to acclimatize to its new surroundings while family members must adapt to the schedule changes and added responsibilities brought ...

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How to Make Life Easier for an Older Dog

In-Home Consultations May Help with Making Lifestyle Changes for Aging DogsThere might be times when dog owners are overheard saying that they cannot wait until their dog slows down a little, for want of a better expression, in terms of its energy level, its inquisitiveness, and an overall need for attention.  This can be particularly true during the puppy stage and/or for breeds that are, by and large, ...

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Vaccinations for Your Dog

Regular Vaccination Schedules Provide Dog, and Owner, Vital Health ProtectionWhen a puppy first comes home, its owners are usually made aware of the vaccinations it has received to that point and provided with a standardized schedule for the additional vaccinations that will needed throughout its first year of life.  In many cases, the breeder will give the owners a record book/log that can be used to plan and ...

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Establishing Yourself in the Role of Pack Leader

Dog Training Classes and Positive Reinforcement Aid in Creating the Alpha RoleWhether depicted in a scene from a movie or perhaps as observed in a real-life situation, many individuals can identify with scenarios in which the human is clearly the submissive partner in the dog-owner relationship.  The dog does whatever it wants, gets whatever it wants, and takes whatever it wants, while its owner or owners merely observe ...

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How to Deal with a Cranky Dog

How to Avert Aggressive Responses and Behaviours in Irritable or Cranky DogsOwning a dog can add countless hours of enjoyment and companionship into the lives of all family members and to that of the pet as well.  Many dog owners have commented on the comfort they draw just by having the dog by their side, especially after a particularly stressful day or on those occasions when the owner ...

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Starting Your Puppy On the Right Foot (Paw)

Puppy Training Needs to Start Immediately After the Puppy Comes HomeWhen an employee starts a new job, they are often provided with initial training to help set them up for success as they embark on their new career.  As part of this training, the new staff member will learn about, among other things, performance expectations plus behaviours that are acceptable or unacceptable within the workplace.  In somewhat less ...

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