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Aggressive Dog Training and Behavioural Adjustments

Aggression Control

Aggressive Dog TrainingAggression can present in several ways, including: growling, a stiffening of posture, lunging, barking, and snapping or biting – it can also be directed at people or at other dogs. Such signs of aggression reflect a breakdown in the communication relationship between dog and owner.

Reasons Why Dogs Exhibit Aggressive Behaviour

  • Territorial aggression – Your dog defends your home or its space from people they are not familiar with.
  • Protective aggression – Your dog tries to protect a person, another dog of their pack, or their puppies and becomes hostile towards anyone who approaches them.
  • Possessive aggression – They try to protect anything of value to them, including their toys, food, bones, and more.
  • Fear aggression – Although they may retreat when frightened, your dog may attack when they feel threatened or cornered.
  • Defensive aggression – This is similar to aggression due to fear. However, your dog may choose to attack without trying to retreat.
  • Social aggression – If your dog does not socialize with other dogs, they may act out aggressively in their presence.
  • Aggression due to frustration – Your dog may exhibit aggression if they are restricted using a leash or constrained in a place.
  • Redirected aggression – This type of aggression is often expressed on a person who tries to break up a dog fight.
  • Aggression due to pain – When your dog is in pain because of an injury or disease, they may act aggressively.
  • Sex-related aggression – Dogs may exhibit aggressive tendencies when vying for the attention of their mate.
  • Predatory aggression – When your dog acts aggressively without warning, especially when chasing animals such as squirrels, it can become dangerous.

Dealing with Dog Aggression

It helps to observe when your dog becomes aggressive and take note of the reasons for such behaviour. Be sure to deal with the underlying causes to manage their hostility. We have expert dog trainers for aggressive behaviour to help you.

Alpha Paws analyzes this relationship to determine where the breakdown is occurring and then designs a comprehensive training program customized to repair the breakdown and rebuild the structure of the relationship in order to prevent and/or discontinue the aggressive behaviour.

FAQ About Aggressive Dog Training

How Can I Train My Aggressive Dog?

When it comes to managing an unfriendly pet, it helps to contact professionals who offer aggressive dog training programs. They have the expertise and experience to come up with suitable ways to help them, including rewarding them for good behaviour and conditioning them not to act out.

How Should I Calm My Aggressive Dog?

The first step towards calming your aggressive dog is to find the triggers for their behaviour. This way, you can come up with the best course of action to deal with their aggression and help them calm down. Also, it helps to avoid threatening or punishing them.

Alpha Paws offers aggressive dog training in Toronto to help you deal with aggression in dogs. Our experts will analyze their behaviour and recommend the best ways to help calm your dog.

How Do I Socialize an Aggressive Dog?

Working with dog trainers for aggressive behaviour is the best way when it comes to socializing. They can ease your dog in different situations and help them get along with other dogs and new people. Professional dog trainers can set safety measures in place and systematically teach your dog to socialize.

How Can I Stop Dog Aggression?

Stopping dog aggression requires time and patience. You need to identify the warning signs, understand the causes, and come up with solutions accordingly. It helps to train your dog gradually to address the reasons for aggression without encouraging their bad behaviour.

Alpha Paws has an aggressive dog behaviour training program. We can help your dog adjust to their environment and help you establish a long-lasting relationship with them.

Aggressive Dog Training Programs

Alpha Paws’ aggression control training programs are designed to specifically address issues that you are facing with your dog.

aggressive dog Behaviour training

Private Lessons

Alpha Paws will conduct these private lessons in your own home or at our training facility. During the lessons, your dog trainer will be instructing you and your dog at the same time. Practice will be important to supplement and complement the dog’s training so you will be required to practice with your dog on a daily basis.

Contact us for more information on our Aggression Control training programs.

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