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Aggressive Dog Training and Behavioural Adjustments

Aggression Control

Aggressive Dog TrainingAggression can present in several ways, including: growling, a stiffening of posture, lunging, barking, and snapping or biting – it can also be directed at people or at other dogs. Such signs of aggression reflect a breakdown in the communication relationship between dog and owner.

Alpha Paws analyzes this relationship to determine where the breakdown is occurring and then designs a comprehensive training program customized to repair the breakdown and rebuild the structure of the relationship in order to prevent and/or discontinue the aggressive behaviour.

Training Programs

Alpha Paws’ aggression control training programs are designed to specifically address issues that you are facing with your dog.

aggressive dog Behaviour training

Private Lessons

Alpha Paws will conduct these private lessons in your own home or at our training facility. During the lessons, your dog trainer will be instructing you and your dog at the same time. Practice will be important to supplement and complement the dog’s training so you will be required to practice with your dog on a daily basis.

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