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Off Leash Dog Training


As the name indicates, off-leash training is about teaching your dog to walk with you when they are not clipped to a leash. It is a unique type of training that enhances the trust bond between a dog and its owner. The goal is to have the dog listen and obey commands even when they are roaming freely. It is quite different from the obedience skills they need inside an enclosed dog park or a fenced yard. Off-leash dog training is beneficial if you want to take your dog to camping sites or go hiking.

The Alpha Difference – Benefits of Off-Leash Dog Training

Build Partnership & Trust

Our qualified dog trainers teach your dog to listen to your instructions and help build a healthy, long-lasting relationship with them.

Enhance Physical Health

We provide off-leash training to make it easier to keep your dog fit and help prevent them from developing health problems.

Improve Mental Health

We will help them learn to behave well off the leash so they are safe while still enjoying their freedom.

Off-Leash Training: Requirements

This is advanced training for your dog and, as such, is a subsequent session to any Basic Obedience programs.

Dogs registered for off-leash training must:
  • Be at least 18 months to 24 months old
  • Have demonstrated basic obedience skills

Best Dogs for Off-Leash Training

Here are some characteristics that indicate your dog is a good candidate for off-leash training:

  • They do not find it difficult to socialize with strangers, including people and other dogs.
  • They are responsive to training and enthusiastic about exploring new things.
  • Your dog does not pull when they see a smaller dog, squirrel, or other critters.
  • They do not have a history of dashing off or running on a whim and getting lost.

Off-Leash Training: Program Options

In our Off-Leash training program, your dog will learn to perform all of the commands taught in Basic Obedience training while roaming freely/at a distance and in spite of various distractions. A number of different scenarios are introduced and implemented in which your dog will learn to maintain a constant focus on you and to respond when off its leash.

Off Leash Dog Training

Off-Leash training follows the same structure as our Basic Obedience training programs and it is offered through our Private Lessons formats:

Private Lessons

Alpha Paws will coordinate private training sessions for your dog at your home or at our training facility according to your preference and your personal schedule. In these sessions, our trainer will work simultaneously with you and your dog based on the dog’s particular training needs. Once again, follow-up practice and reinforcement is highly recommended after these private lessons have been completed.

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