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Alpha Paws specializes in Basic Obedience Training and solving Behavioural Issues for dogs of all ages. Our training places significant emphasis on proper demeanor, proper conduct, and respect, plus the traditional obedience commands that exemplify a well-behaved dog.

Alpha Paws was established by Peter Brown in January 2001.

Peter Brown

Peter BrownPeter has been training dogs to ‘mind their manners’ for more than 20 years. He has developed an exceptional understanding of canines, both dogs and wolves, through years of study as well as many years of hands-on work experience.

Peter is passionate about improving the quality of life for his clients, both dogs and their owners, and he takes particular joy in teaching people how to communicate with their pets – essentially, how to read and speak the language of “Dog”. With extensive training and experience in animal care ranging from nutrition to obedience, Peter is an extremely competent and qualified teacher to team with you – and your dog – to address obedience and behavioural issues or concerns.

In his free time, Peter enjoys fishing, camping, cooking, and playing with his dogs.

Marni Brown

Marni BrownMarni graduated from the University of Toronto in 1996 with an Honours Bachelor of Science degree and received a certificate in Human Resources Management from Seneca College that same year.

Marni has owned and/or cared for pets her entire life, and as a result, Alpha Paws feels like her second home. Marni is the primary contact person at Alpha Paws, whether by phone or through electronic communication. She has extensive knowledge of the inner workings at Alpha Paws and ensures that the office runs smoothly and efficiently. Whenever time permits, Marni loves spending time interacting with the dogs and assisting with their training.

When not immersed at Alpha Paws, Marni can generally be found playing with her children and her dogs or relaxing with a good book.

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