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Different Types of Aggressive Dog Behaviours You Should Know

Different Types of Aggressive Dog Behaviours You Should KnowDifferent Types of Aggressive Dog Behaviours You Should Know

Dog aggression is a complex issue. There is no single solution to different behaviours such as growling, barking, lunging, or biting. Your pet may show one type of aggression or multiple behaviours that you need to understand in detail before finding an effective treatment.

As professional dog trainers for aggressive behaviour, we have listed seven major categories with brief detail for each one.

Common Types of Aggressive Dog Behaviours

Fear Aggression

This is characterized by an offensive posture to stay away from the trigger, such as an animal, human or object. They may also display the behaviour by taking quick bites or running away with the aim of defending themselves.

Territorial Aggression

Dogs show this behaviour toward a human or animal to defend their territory. This type of aggression can be intense, with signs such as growling, lunging, chasing or snapping. Your pet may consider the inside of your home and the property extending outdoors as their territory.

Idiopathic Aggression

This is an unpredictable type of aggression as the triggers are unknown or misunderstood. The term “idiopathic” means arising spontaneously without any known cause, making this one of the most dangerous behaviours. Your dog may show a sudden and severe outburst without any warning signs with a possible neurological reason behind it. Although treatment options are limited, expert dog trainers for aggressive behaviour can help.

Predatory Aggression

This behaviour is linked to your dog’s instincts to hunt for a prey animal. Although this is usually seen in hunting dogs or pets with a tendency to chase prey, in extremely rare cases, this may be directed toward a human. It is considered a mental or medical condition a veterinarian can address. There are ways to control this aggression, so professional aggressive dog behaviour training can also significantly help.

Intra-Household Aggression

When you have two or more dogs living in the same household, they may show this aggressive behaviour toward one another to become the dominant one. The situation can worsen if you get more dogs into your home. Treatment for this aggression can be complex and challenging as both dogs are close to each other. It helps to opt for aggressive dog behaviour training with steps to separating the dogs and re-socializing them until they are well-behaved.

Control-Related Aggression

This is an aggregate of aggressive behaviours that occur when your dog is not handled or managed in an appropriate manner. Your pet will display the behaviour when they don’t like the interaction with a particular human. It mostly happens with first-time dog owners who are inexperienced. Proper dog behaviour training for the pet owner and the pup can prevent and even treat this aggression.

Resource Guarding Aggression

When a dog fears losing their favourite possessions such as food, toys, bed, treats, or their owner, they make an attempt to protect themselves from others by displaying this aggression. They will keep a close eye on their possessions and rush aggressively toward anyone trying to approach their belongings. You can control this behaviour by moving their belongings to another place when your pup is not around. With their things out of sight, they tend to forget or shift their attention to something else.

Tips for Preventing Aggressive Dog Behaviour

  • Select a dog that suits the energy levels of your family
  • Know the standard temperament of the dog’s breed
  • Start dog behaviour training when your puppy is about eight weeks of age
  • Start socialization early and find a dog trainer who trains your pet using positive reinforcement
  • Don’t hesitate to consult a dog trainer for aggressive behaviour if your dog shows aggression
  • Ensure you give your pet mental and physical stimulation regularly
  • Avoid tethering your dog
  • Teach your children how to understand and respect a dog’s body language
  • Avoid buying a puppy online or from a backyard breeder
  • Avoid giving punishments to your pet. Instead, help your pup grow into a confident, secure, well-behaved pet through positive training.

Contact Us for Aggressive Dog Behaviour Training

At Alpha Paws, we offer tailored dog behaviour training programs that address specific issues you are facing with your pet. Our dog trainers for aggressive behaviour assess the problem and begin the sessions with you and your pup as per your schedule. We provide easy-to-understand and step-by-step instructions to practice certain activities with your dog daily.

You can choose to take lessons at home or at our facility. If you are comfortable taking dog behaviour lessons online, you can opt for our virtual training.

If you feel it is no longer safe to keep your pet at home, contact us at 905-830-9500 or toll-free at 1-877-868-7297. Alternatively, you can also fill out our form to learn more about our services or consult our dog trainers for aggressive behaviour. We will be happy to help you and your pet re-establish a strong bond of trust and friendship.

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