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Professional Dog Training Services in the Town of Aurora and Surrounding Area

Group Of Dogs With Owners At Obedience ClassFor more than 15 years, Aurora and area dog owners have trusted the professionals from Alpha Paws for effective obedience training programs and help in remedying behavioural concerns for dogs of all ages.  The skilled trainers at Alpha Paws possess the knowledge and the competencies necessary to aid dog owners in developing and maintaining long, healthy, and mutually-rewarding relationships with their canine friends.

When families purchase or adopt a dog, such decisions include an inherent expectation of an enduring bond that will provide considerable delight and loyal companionship.  However, the excitement and jubilation of bringing home a new dog can quickly turn into frustration if any housebreaking and/or obedience training efforts do not deliver their anticipated responses and behaviours.  In a similar light, should the dog develop any undesirable behaviours such as over-aggressiveness or a penchant to destroy property, it can create a highly stressful living environment for the dog and its owners alike.

Therefore, dog owners in Aurora looking to prevent or correct such circumstances may find it advantageous to call the experts from Alpha Paws at 647-694-4584 to learn more about their obedience training classes and/or programs dedicated to resolving behavioural issues.

A Comprehensive Range of Dog Training Services from Alpha Paws

Alpha Paws offers a complete range of training programs for puppies and older dogs as well:

A professional trainer from Alpha Paws can recommend and create a specific program based on the age of the dog and any identified/defined training needs or behavioural issues.

A Selection of Training Formats to Accommodate Owner Lifestyles

Alpha Paws dog training programs are offered in various ways to satisfy owner routines:

  • Dog Training Program Arrangements
    • Drop-Off Programs: sessions from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    • Private Lessons: one-on-one sessions either on site or at home

Dog Obedience Training Programs for Aurora and Region

Aurora, OntarioRegular daily exercise, even a non-strenuous activity such as walking, is acknowledged as a contributing factor to a healthy and contented relationship between a dog and the members of its owner-family.  And dog owners in Aurora have an abundance of options for exercising their dogs throughout the year while simultaneously relishing in the beauty of the region.

Aurora families and their canine companions can enjoy daily walks in any number of parks, green spaces, and/or designated trail areas in close proximity to their homes; some of their options will consist of:

  • Vandorf Woodlot
  • Holland Valley Trail System
  • Aurora Community Arboretum
  • Willow Farm Valley Trail System
  • Lakeview and Wimpey Trail System
  • Sheppard’s Bush Conservation Area

For the less adventurous or those who perhaps maintain more jam-packed schedules, there are several close-to-home options for walking and exercising their dogs, such as: leash-free dog parks, public parks, or just relaxed strolls about the neighbourhood or around the block. 

Wherever owners choose to walk their dogs, their time together will be far more satisfying when the dog acts in a dutiful and responsive way, particularly when interacting with other people and other dogs, which is highly probable.  These mannerly encounters should include the following, which can all be taught, dealt with, and/or reinforced as needed through an appropriate Alpha Paws dog training program:

  • Response to basic obedience commands
  • Resisting any temptations and distractions
  • Appropriate on-leash and off-leash behaviour
  • Abstaining from barking, growling, jumping, lunging

To set the right foundation for a happy, healthy, and enduring relationship between you and your dog, call Alpha Paws today at 647-694-4584 to speak with our training experts or contact us to request further information on any of our dog training programs.

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