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Why Dog Bites Happen & How to Stop a Dog from Biting

Understanding Why Dog Bites Happen & How to Prevent ThemWhy Dog Bites Happen & How to Stop a Dog from Biting

Dog bites are always a cause of worry for the owners. If your dog acts aggressively, it is essential to understand the reason for their behaviour and take swift actions. It helps to know that responsible dog ownership and establishing a great relationship with your pup can keep everyone around them safe. In addition to this, enrolling for dog training courses is a great way to teach them about the desired behaviour you want. Read on to learn more about the reasons why your dog may bite someone, so you know how to deal with them.

5 Common Reasons for Dog Bites

  • Maternal Instincts
    Even a well-trained dog can bite when they have puppies. It helps to respect their maternal instincts and handle the puppies with caution. Be sure to keep them in a safe environment where they don’t feel threatened.
  • Fear
    Dogs tend to fear strangers or unacquainted situations, which is why you should never approach an unfamiliar dog. Also, bites can occur when they are startled. Never sneak up on a dog or bother them when they are sleeping. It helps to know that early socialization can help your pup and minimize the chances of developing a phobia of unknown people.
  • Possessiveness
    Dogs tend to guard what they think is their property. It could be anything such as territory, food, toys, or a human being. To prevent them from acting out of possessiveness, it helps to start training early. Teaching them to obey commands such as leave it works well. In the case of food aggression, you can teach them to wait patiently while you put their food down. Also, ensure they understand that it is not a bad thing when someone approaches their bowl.
  • Pain
    If your dog becomes aggressive for no reason, pain may be a possible cause. This is because pain can cause even the friendliest dog to bite. It helps to observe their behaviour to know if they suffer from any illness or injury. Be sure to stay away from the sore areas and handle them gently. Also, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian at the earliest.
  • Prey Drive
    Sometimes, a dog’s instinct to chase often leads to bites. It helps to be aware of your environment if you are cycling or jogging. If a dog chases you, the best thing to do is stop moving and stand tall. This is because running away from them can provoke them to bite.

How to Stop a Dog from Biting

It helps to know that the best way to prevent dog bites is to establish a strong relationship with them. Keep the following in mind:

  • If you do not intend to breed your dog, be sure to have them spayed or neutered.
  • Reinforce your bond with your dog by playing regularly with them.
  • Avoid aggressive games such as tug of war and wrestling.
  • Train your dog well and make sure they obey your commands.
  • Expose them to different situations and people without overwhelming them.
  • Seek help from a reputable trainer for aggressive dogs if necessary.

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