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The Importance Of Aggressive Dog Training

If your dog exhibits bad or uncontrollable behaviour, he or she may need aggressive dog training. All dog owners are proud of their pets, but sometimes that pride can blind owners to the realities of their dogs’ behaviour, which may have become hostile or aggressive to other dogs or people.

Signs Of Aggressive Behaviour

If your dog exhibits any or all of the following behavioural traits, he or she may need training to correct the aggressive behaviour:

  • Excessive snarling
  • Baring of teeth
  • Intimidating barking
  • Biting

“Why Is My Dog Aggressive?”

It’s rare that a dog is born any more aggressive than any other dog, which means aggressive dogs learn their behaviour, either from other dogs or their owners and handlers.

Dog owners usually have the best intentions when it comes to training their dogs, but they sometimes don’t consider how their actions can affect their dogs.

  • Failure To Establish A Pack Leader – Dogs are pack animals and view their owners as their pack. The pack must have an alpha dog, or leader and, if dog owners don’t establish themselves as the leader, dogs are programmed by nature to try to assume leadership of the pack. Aggressive behaviour might just be your dog acting on instinct and trying to be the pack leader.
  • Incorrect Training – Wrong training methods, including physical violence, chaining, excessive punishment, or constant reprimands, can cause aggressive behaviour in dogs.

Dogs may also learn aggressive behaviour from other dogs who exhibit similar behaviour.

Sometimes aggressive behaviour may be temporary, due to pain from an injury or medical condition.

Correcting Bad Behaviour With Aggressive Dog Training

Fortunately, you can use certain dog training techniques to correct agressive behaviour from your dog.

The first step is to determine the cause of dog aggression and change or remove it. Then, with patience and proper obedience training methods, you can begin to train your dog to respond and react in acceptable ways.

However, if you aren’t able to determine the exact cause of the aggression or you incorrectly identify the cause, your efforts to correct bad behaviour could actually make the behaviour worse – and make it even more difficult to correct.

Aggressive Dog Training Specialists

To avoid the risk of making the problem worse, or any other difficulty in re-training an aggressive dog, dog owners are well advised to at least seek the advice of a professional trainer, if not actually have a trainer correct the bad behaviour.

The dog training professionals at Alpha Paws offer specialty training programs for aggression control in a caring environment that is focused on your dog’s well being and good behaviour:

  • Private One-on-One Lessons – Starting with basic obedience, and up to full off-leash training, we offer many levels of private training.

Regardless of your dog’s training requirements, the professional instructors at Alpha Paws have the skills and experience to assess your needs and recommend the right approach for you and your pet.

If you are looking for aggressive dog training in Newmarket or the surrounding area, contact Alpha Paws today and get your free assessment.

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