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How to Train an Older Dog

How to Train an Older Dog Embarking on the journey of training an older dog, like a spirited German shepherd from a shelter, can be a rewarding challenge. Despite their age and initial lack of response to commands, older dogs can learn obedience with the right approach, showcasing their intelligence and capability. Defining Tasks Identify specific obedience goals tailored to your dog's needs and abilities. Clear objectives streamline ...

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How to Establish a Strong Bond with Your Puppy

How to Establish a Strong Bond with Your Puppy Building a strong, loving bond with a new puppy or rescue dog is foundational to a happy, respectful relationship. Positive interactions and training from the very start are essential stepping stones to this goal. Here’s how you can strengthen your connection with your new furry family member, ensuring a bond that’s built on trust and mutual respect. 10 Tips ...

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