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Caring For Your Dog During The Winter

Caring For Your Dog During The Winter When facing a brutal winter, there are plenty of steps we take to keep ourselves protected. Warm clothes, snow shoes and a roaring fireplace provide much comfort. However, it’s important that you extend some comfort to your dog too. Winter can be a tough period for your puppy. Not only do they feel the cold, but there are a number of ...

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Child And Dog Training Safety Tips

Child And Dog Training Safety Tips How many of us parents have at one time or another had to endure the anguished pleas from our kids for a dog? It’s no secret that kids and dogs can be great together and often form a bond that lasts a lifetime. To ensure that this bond is never broken and the relationship is its strongest just keep these important safety ...

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A Puppy And Dog Obedience School With The Right Approach

A Puppy And Dog School With The Right Approach The right puppy and dog training school is not easy to find. Knowing the best option for you and your pet takes research. The first question you need to answer: Does the school have programs specifically for puppies and fully-grown dogs? The right school will have the skills and expertise needed to teach your puppy how to learn, which ...

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