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Puppy Training to Make Your Pup Happy

Puppy Training to Make Your Pup Happy If you are looking for ways to stimulate your puppy’s senses, it helps to remember that just like humans, they have unique personalities. You must understand their behaviour and habits to find out what makes them happy. This will help you keep them healthy. Read on to learn more about the tips compiled by our puppy training experts. 7 Tips to ...

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Training Your Puppy for a Nighttime Routine

Training Your Puppy for a Nighttime Routine Puppies can’t sleep through the night when they’re young. It isn’t until they’re a few months old that they can sleep an entire night without waking up. This can make it hard for new dog owners to get their puppy on a routine that works for them. These basic steps will help you get your puppy on a good routine and ...

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Documentation Required to Travel with Your Dog

Documentation Required to Travel with Your Dog Make Sure That All Documentation is in Proper Order When Travelling with Pets The gorgeous weather experienced across Southern Ontario this fall has certainly been a hot topic of conversation (pun intended) among friends and strangers alike; the brilliant sunshine and high temperatures that extended over many consecutive days undoubtedly left local residents wondering why such conditions had been virtually non-existent ...

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Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying or Adopting a Dog

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Buying or Adopting a Dog Preparing Home and Family for the Responsibilities of Buying or Adopting a Dog There can certainly be considerable excitement and anticipation as people count the days until their new dog comes home for the first time; this is particularly true for those new to dog ownership but undoubtedly exhilarating in all such circumstances.  Whether that dog is a ...

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How to Make Life Easier for an Older Dog

In-Home Consultations May Help with Making Lifestyle Changes for Aging Dogs There might be times when dog owners are overheard saying that they cannot wait until their dog slows down a little, for want of a better expression, in terms of its energy level, its inquisitiveness, and an overall need for attention.  This can be particularly true during the puppy stage and/or for breeds that are, by and ...

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Vaccinations for Your Dog

Regular Vaccination Schedules Provide Dog, and Owner, Vital Health Protection When a puppy first comes home, its owners are usually made aware of the vaccinations it has received to that point and provided with a standardized schedule for the additional vaccinations that will needed throughout its first year of life.  In many cases, the breeder will give the owners a record book/log that can be used to plan ...

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Starting Your Puppy On the Right Foot (Paw)

Puppy Training Needs to Start Immediately After the Puppy Comes Home When an employee starts a new job, they are often provided with initial training to help set them up for success as they embark on their new career.  As part of this training, the new staff member will learn about, among other things, performance expectations plus behaviours that are acceptable or unacceptable within the workplace.  In somewhat ...

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How To Stop A Puppy From Biting

How To Stop A Puppy From Biting Getting a new puppy is always exciting, but it is important to ensure proper puppy training. Puppies exhibit a lot of playful behavior, as well as some behavior you may not be pleased with, such as peeing in the house or biting. To stop your puppy from biting, the first thing to do is to understand that it is normal behaviour. ...

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