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Summer Care And Safety Tips From Dog Training Experts

With summer approaching, you can look forward to spending relaxing days soaking in the sun. However, bear in mind that the summer heat can be brutal for your dog if you don’t take the correct protective measures. The team of dog trainers at Alpha Paws offers you a few safety tips this summer so you can share these days of fun and leisure with your puppy:

  • Vaccinations: Have your puppy vaccinated just before summer hits. Rabies, distemper and parvo run rampant this time of year, so take the necessary precautions to keep your dog healthy. Look into the best methods for flea and tick prevention as well – consult your vet well in advance. It doesn’t hurt to give your dog a bath more often than usual in the warmer months.
  • Hot Paws: Don’t forget that asphalt and metal surfaces becomes extremely hot under the summer sun. Walk your dog on the grass as far as possible. Avoid driving with your dog in the bed of your truck. Not only do their paws burn quickly, but such exposure can result in overheating and increase body temperatures.
  • Closed Automobiles: Never leave your dog unattended in a hot, parked vehicle. A closed car works like an oven and almost always results in heatstroke. Brain damage is the first of many outcomes, the worst of which is fatality.
  • Fear Of Thunderstorms: Like many other animals, dogs can sense a storm approaching well in advance. They can also sense fear among humans. It is crucial that you maintain a calm demeanor during a storm. Sudden claps of thunder can cause panic in your pet so you have to be ready to provide them with a special, comforting space.
  • Sun: Just like humans, dogs are easily susceptible to sunburn and sunstroke. Keep your pets out of the bright sun, and ensure they get adequate drinking water as well. If you decide to go down to the beach, make sure you pick a well-shaded spot – this is especially important for dogs with light colored coats as they burn more easily. It is always a good idea to consult your vet for effective sun block that your puppy can’t lick off.

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