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It Is Important To Initiate Puppy Training As Soon As Your Puppy Comes Home

Puppy TrainingIf you were to perhaps ask five people to suggest the appropriate age to enroll into puppy training classes, you may conceivably receive six different answers – five individual responses and a consensus opinion from the entire group of so-called experts. However, if any of their recommendations reflected the following timelines, you would in fact have received good advice:

  • Immediately or right away
  • As soon as the puppy comes home
  • At eight weeks of age
  • Within the first 16 weeks of life

The first 16 weeks, or approximately four months, of life for a puppy are very important in establishing behavioural patterns and expectations for the rest of its life. This time frame is impacted by the fact that puppies are usually eight weeks old before they move in with their new (human) family, so the puppy training ‘window’ is somewhat narrow.

During this formative period, a puppy will develop a substantial measure of its attitudes (estimated at upwards of 80-90%) toward:

  • People – family, friends, and strangers
  • Other dogs or animals (such as cats)
  • Its immediate environment (home and property)
  • Its local surroundings (neighbourhood, local parks)

As a result, waiting too long (beyond the 16-week window) may give rise to the development of bad habits and/or unwanted behaviours that would then require dog obedience training to rectify or eliminate.

The following aspects will be covered throughout the course of the training classes:

  • Housebreaking
  • Crating
  • Exercise (walking on a leash)
  • Chewing, gnawing, nipping, and biting
  • Tugging, pulling, and jumping up
  • Positive reinforcement techniques
  • Correct/incorrect disciplinary methods
  • Proper nutrition and diet
  • Puppy toys and games
  • Child safety

Another very important facet of puppy training relates to socialization with other dogs. In addition to learning how to get along with/behave when meeting another dog or dogs throughout its life, the puppy will also learn how to ‘tune out’ distractions and focus its attention solely on the commands or instructions being given by its owner/trainer.

Puppy Training Establishes Healthy And Rewarding Dog-Owner Relationships

Due to the narrow window of opportunity for initiating and completing puppy training, it may be prudent to enroll in classes offered by certified dog training professionals such as Alpha Paws.

Our dog trainers work simultaneously with you and your puppy to develop a healthy and reciprocally respectful dog-owner relationship that will lay a foundation for a happy and enjoyable lifetime together. In these puppy training classes, your trainer will:

  • Assess and report on the temperament or disposition of your puppy
  • Teach a common language for communication (vocal and hand gestures)
  • Help establish your role as a pack leader (the alpha dog) for your puppy
  • Assist you in modelling and/or influencing desired behaviours for your puppy

To enroll in puppy training classes during the most formative period of its young life, call the professionals at Alpha Paws today at either 905-830-9500 or 1-647-694-4584 and capitalize on our expertise in establishing a healthy and mutually-rewarding dog-owner relationship.

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