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Puppy Training to Make Your Pup Happy

Puppy Training to Make Your Pup Happy7 Tips to Make Your Puppy Happy

If you are looking for ways to stimulate your puppy’s senses, it helps to remember that just like humans, they have unique personalities. You must understand their behaviour and habits to find out what makes them happy. This will help you keep them healthy. Read on to learn more about the tips compiled by our puppy training experts.

7 Tips to Make Your Puppy Happy

  • Grooming
    Not only does brushing and combing feel good like a good massage, but it also reduces hairballs, shedding and keeps them clean. Puppies that have short hair tend to enjoy an all-over petting. It is a perfect bonding session between you and your pup. Also, be sure to brush their teeth, clip the claws, and clean their ears as part of their grooming routine.
  • Treats
    Pups pay attention to the details of their lives, particularly those that affect them personally. They love having treats. The idea is to give them tiny bites of delicious and unique treats to keep them active and happy. If you want to share your food, a taste from your plate also works. Be sure to avoid nuts, chocolates, and onions.
  • Playtime
    According to the experts in dog training classes, playing is the best way to keep your pup occupied and happy. Interactive games help strengthen your bond and build confidence in them. Also, it is the best way to drain the extra energy out of an overactive pet. Hiding treats and toys, using puzzles, and playing catch are a few activities that puppies love. Remember that giving them your time and attention is the best way to keep them happy.
  • Walk
    Puppies love spending time outdoors and are always up for walk time. Whether its a short distance to the nearby grocery store or a trip to the park, you can take them along with you.
  • Say No to Sweets
    Be aware that desserts such as chocolate are harmful to puppies. Keep them away from your pup to ensure they are healthy.
  • Feed to Size
    It helps to know that pups have different nutritional needs based on their breed and projected weight as adults. Be sure to feed them accordingly to ensure that they are healthy. Also, keep them hydrated with fresh bowls of water throughout the day.
  • Avoid Overfeeding
    Although puppies burn twice the energy as adult dogs, they do not need twice the food. Giving them enough portion of a nutrient-rich meal helps to keep them active and healthy.

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