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Child And Dog Training Safety Tips

How many of us parents have at one time or another had to endure the anguished pleas from our kids for a dog? It’s no secret that kids and dogs can be great together and often form a bond that lasts a lifetime. To ensure that this bond is never broken and the relationship is its strongest just keep these important safety tips and suggestions in mind when your child is interacting with dogs.

1. Never leave a child and dog unsupervised. (Dogs are not baby-sitters)

2. Teach children honest respect for all animals and how to read their body language.

3. Teach children not to approach strange dogs.

4. Never permit a child to break up a fight among dogs even if his own pet is involved.

5. Alert children to any dangerous or nervous dogs in the neighbourhood.

6. Never allow a child to disturb a dog when it is sleeping or feeding.

7. Never allow children to eat or carry food near or in the presence of dogs.

8. Do not allow children to take routes where dogs are known to chase vehicles.

9. Supervise children when they are making friends with new pets in the neighbourhood.

10. Do not allow inexperienced children to feed a dog.

11. Do not permit a small child or children to lead a large dog.

12. Teach children not to hold their faces close to animals. Always offer an outstretched hand, palm up and low to the ground. Let the dog come to you!

13. Teach children not to run from dogs. They should back away slowly instead.

14. Teach children never to approach a dog that is tied up.

15. Avoid dogs that are acting nervous or seem reluctant to approach the child, never force an introduction.

16. Teach children how to positively handle and pet dogs in ways that the animal will really enjoy. (Always with the grain at the chest, neck and top of bum area.)

These simple but important lessons will pave the way for a happy and healthy relationship between dogs and children.

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