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Variety Of Dog Boarding Options

No dog owner likes to use dog boarding services, but it is difficult to avoid boarding your dog at some point, either due to vacations, business trips or emergencies.

While some dog owners are fortunate enough to have either family, friends or neighbours who are willing to dog sit, the reality for most is that they must find a dog boarding service that is reliable and professional, and, perhaps most importantly, one that instills a certain “comfort level” in the owner.

Many dog owners may not realize the range of options available for boarding their dogs:

  • Dog Boarding Kennel – Usually the first option that comes to mind, dog boarding kennels are perhaps the most common option, which also means you can usually find a kennel that is relatively close to home. There’s a range of pricing, usually related to the quality of the facility and the basic services offered. Basic services can cover meals, an individual crate that is cleaned regularly and a fenced-in outdoor space for exercise. Optional services can include just about anything a dog owner could ask for. The most popular optional services include dog walking, speciality menus and bathing.
  • In-Home Boarding – One reason that owners don’t like to board their pets is because their pets may not like the unfamiliar surroundings of the kennel. Owners who feel their dogs are more comfortable in the familiar surroundings of home can choose in-home boarding or pet sitter services. These can range from having someone visit a few times a day to make sure your dog is fed and let out, to having a person stay in your home as a near-constant companion for your dog.
  • Board & Train – An increasingly popular option is dog boarding and training services which not only offers the usual boarding services and options, but combines it with training so you accomplish two tasks at once. Dog training options can include basic training, corrective behaviour training or advanced off-leash training for those owners who would like their dogs to achieve a higher level of training, behaviour and achievement.

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  • Matthew says:

    I’d like some prices on your board and train options

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