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Caring For Your Dog During The Winter

When facing a brutal winter, there are plenty of steps we take to keep ourselves protected. Warm clothes, snow shoes and a roaring fireplace provide much comfort. However, it’s important that you extend some comfort to your dog too. Winter can be a tough period for your puppy. Not only do they feel the cold, but there are a number of other restrictions that come into play as well. Our dog trainers offer you a few tips on how to care for your pup in the winter.

  • Protect The Paws: It’s not just the cold weather and snow that causes several paw-pad injuries. One of the biggest threats to healthy paw pads is the salt used to melt ice on driveways, roads and sidewalks. Try to keep your dog off the salty sidewalk as much as possible.
  • Dogs In Sweaters: There is much debate about whether a dog in a sweater is a joke, cruelty or just plain warm. During winter, it is actually a good idea to put your dog in warm clothes, depending on the outside temperature, the breed of the dog, and the warmth provided by its natural fur (or lack of it).
  • Dangers Of Anti-freeze: Most people use car anti-freeze in winter. Unfortunately, the scent and smell of this chemical is very appealing to dogs – and lethal too! As little as a teaspoon has proven to be a deadly poison, so switch to less dangerous chemicals if possible.

A Chance To Bond

While there are some restrictions and dangers to keep in mind in winter, this is also a fantastic time to really bond with your puppy. With both you and your puppy spending more time indoors than usual, here’s your chance to have fun together. There are plenty of indoor play options and indoor exercise activities. The latest is a treadmill for pups – you might even have a good time working out together!

Alpha Paws has lots to offer you as far as looking after your puppy is concerned. Besides knowing about caring for dogs, we have top quality dog training programs, obedience activities, and much more.

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