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Two Key Points To Housebreaking Puppies

Housebreaking puppies does not have to be a daunting task that most owners dread. Part of the problem is, we are so excited about the new addition to the family, and just how cute it is, that housebreaking the puppy is the last thing on our minds.

But, it needs to become a priority if you are going to be successful. Housebreaking puppies is definitely one of those things that, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it – and the less daunting the task will be.

There are two key points to housebreaking puppies:

  • They need to know who is boss – You don’t need to be a strong-armed disciplinarian, but the sooner they understand you are the leader of the pack, the better.
  • You need to become a keen observer of behaviour – Your puppy housebreaking efforts will be much more successful if you learn to spot the tell-tale signs that your puppy is about to “go”.

The dog trainers at Alpha Paws are experts at housebreaking puppies. Alpha Paws uses the same techniques dogs use in nature to train their pups.

Alpha Paws offers a variety of dog training programs, depending on the needs of you and your dog.

With Puppy Pre-School, a dog trainer will visit your home, any time before your puppy is 16 weeks old, and get your puppy training off to the right start:

  • An analysis of your puppy’s behaviour temperament and personality type
  • Learn how to communicate with your puppy
  • Positive puppy games that are a fun way to learn

Puppy Pre-school is a one-hour, in-home session that is your first step in a lifelong, healthy relationship with your pet.

Contact Alpha Paws and let them put their skill at housebreaking puppies to work for you. Your puppy will get an early start on learning and you will be proud of your happy, obedient pet.

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