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Good Dog Training Options

School, Classes And Camps For Your Dog

A good dog trainer will teach your dog how to learn – and they will save you money and make your dog happier.

Dog training classes are a smart choice for any dog owner, but it is important to research the best school for you and your dog’s individual needs.

If the dog training school you first choose does not train your dog properly, you may need another school or some other professional dog training – but you probably don’t need the additional expense.

Perhaps worse, if your dog or puppy is confused by the training or trainer, it could upset them and make it more difficult to get the right training later on.

The dog and puppy training specialists at Alpha Paws have created a variety of training options for you and your pet.

Puppy Pre-School

Puppy-specific training that teaches your pup how to learn. They will gain the confidence that comes from accomplishing simple tasks – which makes them eager to please and want to learn more.

Board And Train Programs

It’s a dog training camp! More advanced professional dog training that lengthens attention span and teaches your dog complex voice and hand commands

  • 5-day Basic Manners Program
  • 10-day Basic Obedience program
  • 10-day Off Leash program

Drop-Off Program

Keep your pet dog at home and give them the training they need with our Drop-off program. Bring your dog in the morning and pick them up in the evening.

Private Lessons

One-on-one training for your dog or puppy. Our specialists will visit your home, assess your needs, train your pet and maybe even give you some great dog and puppy training tips!

Regardless of your pet dog’s training needs, Alpha Paws has the professional dog training expertise you need for a happy and healthy dog. Contact us online today, get a free assessment of your dog’s training needs and start having the warm, loving relationship you have always wanted between you and your dog.

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