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How to Find a Qualified Dog Trainer?

How to Find a Qualified Dog Trainer?How to Find a Qualified Dog Trainer?

Although all dogs belong to the same species, each of them has a unique personality and dominant traits that come from their breed. However, it is essential to know that their lifestyles and experiences significantly influence their character as they age. So, when it comes to training your dog, it is crucial to choose an expert dog trainer that understands them and respects their individuality while helping them become well-behaved pets.

This guide will help you find a certified dog trainer dedicated to learning and teaching animal behaviour.

Top 5 Rules to Choose Expert Dog Trainers

Find Out What Type of Training Your Pet Needs

Is it the first time you are going to introduce your pup to basic training? Or are you looking for a trainer who can deal with an extreme case of aggression? You may find that some certified dog trainers only provide basic obedience training while others can handle both or even multiple issues successfully, such as Alpha Paws.

Consider Your Ethics

When you begin your search, you will find that there are different types of expert dog trainers. Many use choke chains or collars to train aggressive pets, which may be inappropriate for you. Some also use punishment-based training, which can worsen your dog’s situation. You should ensure that the trainer you choose agrees with and supports your values.

Verify Dog Trainer’s Certification

You may come across gifted dog professionals who aren’t certified, and you may also find certified dog trainers who aren’t experts. However, certification proves that a person you hire has done some studying and had hands-on experience with animals. It also assures you that they will follow some basic standards and guidelines to train your pet.

Get References

You may know that talking to their previous clients and learning about their experiences can give you an idea of the trainer’s methods and values.

Check if You Can be a Part of the Training Process

Many expert dog trainers provide training sessions for pet parents and their dogs to strengthen the bond. This also allows you to understand your pet on a deeper level. However, in some cases, they may ask you to drop off your pup at their training school so that that can help them unlearn bad habits that may have come from you. At times it’s just the pet owner who needs training.

Important Questions to Ask Expert Dog Trainers

How Were You Trained?

Look for a certified dog trainer who has life experience being around animals. You should remember that a lot of good trainers self-learn through experience, and the best ones are well-versed in the latest training practices and theories. This question will help you get these answers.

What are Your Training Methods?

You don’t want to hire someone who uses punishment and compulsion training to correct behaviours in dogs. Ask them what training methods they use, and if they believe in relationship-based training methods that give you and your dog a positive experience, you may have found the right trainer.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

Even if you are hiring a certified dog trainer, they must have a minimum of six months of experience in training dogs. Anyone with less experience may need more confidence to train their dog successfully. Animals can sense a lack of confidence, meaning the training may be ineffective, so it is essential to ask this question.

What Is Your Dog Training Philosophy?

This question will help you understand the kind of approach the trainer takes. You will find compulsion-based trainers or those who primarily believe in positive reinforcement-based training methods. Alternatively, you may also find those toward the middle of the spectrum applying a mix of techniques to achieve results. But it is up to you to ensure which training approach will be best for your dog, considering your values.

What Types of Animals Have You Trained?

Some expert dog trainers have experience training different animals from different breeds, while others may have worked with one type. It is wise to opt for a trainer who has trained a variety of animals as it is most likely that they have used various techniques on each of them and learnt something new.

Can I Talk to Some of Your Customers?

Fortunately, you will get the most helpful information from the trainer’s previous customers who have used their service. When you ask them this question, notice whether they are patient, clear, and polite enough to explain their process and answer all the questions you have. This is essential as you will also be a part of the training and it helps to establish good communication. In addition, you should also check testimonials and reviews online.

Can I Observe Your Training Session?

Most expert dog trainers allow you to observe their sessions for free without your pet being there. This gives you a good idea of their training style and whether your pup can adjust. You should also ask to observe your dog’s first class with the trainer to understand better how things are working out.

Take Note of the Words

Classic trainers will use words including (and related to):

  • Commands
  • Dominant
  • Corrections
  • Obedience
  • Leash Corrections
  • Master

Positive trainers will use words and phrases including (and related to):

  • Cues
  • Clicker training
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Rewards
  • Reward-based training
  • Positive methods
  • Science-based
  • Nature-based
  • Relationship

Why Hire an Expert Dog Trainer From Alpha Paws?

A great training experience helps your dog to trust you and establish a better bond with you. Alpha Paws believes in this and uses rewarding and positive training techniques that help your dog excel as a well-behaved pet. We specialize in behavioural problems for dogs of all ages and different breeds.

We have a team of expert dog trainers who believe in training animals the nature’s way and ensuring you and your pet have the best experience with us.

If you are looking for a positive and happy training atmosphere for your pet, look no further. Contact us or fill out our form to learn more about our training philosophy and techniques. We will be happy to help you.

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