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Making Dog Boarding A Comfortable Experience For You And Your Companion

Dog BoardingIt is quite common for dog owners to become very fond of their pets, just as a dog can quickly become very attached to its owner. Such relationships or bonds are often built upon mutual respect and companionship and can endure for many, many years.

There will be times throughout that relationship, however, when life’s events will require the dog and its family to be apart for more than just a few hours. Unless there are other family members or neighbours who are willing to look after the dog and its various needs for a few/several days, dog boarding will likely be required to accommodate temporary separations resulting from:

  • Vacation travel/business trips
  • Weekend getaways
  • Out-of-town weddings
  • Other family gatherings
  • Hockey tournaments
  • Home renovation projects
  • Moving into a new home, etc.

In addition to these types of situations, dog boarding may also be an option for certain forms of obedience or behavioural training offered by professional dog trainers such as the team from Alpha Paws in Newmarket.

Regardless of the circumstances, it can undoubtedly be difficult and/or emotional for dog owners to temporarily leave the pet in a dog boarding facility – and imaginably the same for a dog when it is separated from its owners in this manner for any extensive period of time. Therefore, effort can and should be invested to make the dog boarding experience run as smooth and comfortably as possible – for both the dog and its owners.

There are several recommended actions that can help dogs and their owners achieve a mutually appropriate level of comfort when using a dog boarding service. These activities might include:

  • Identify a preferred kennel well in advance
    • Request and perform a site inspection (but leave the dog at home)
  • Consider a trial overnight stay (just for one night)
    • To acclimatize the dog to the surroundings and to the staff
    • For the staff to gain some experience with that particular dog
  • Give the staff honest information about the dog’s behavioural traits
  • Make the dog boarding reservation as far in advance as possible
    • To avoid last-minute disappointments due to a lack of vacancy
  • Ensure that the dog has been on a stable diet for several days/weeks
    • Changes during the week prior to boarding can lead to stomach woes
  • Have all vaccinations up-to-date – at least two weeks prior to boarding
  • Supply regular and sufficient food, treats, medications, etc. to the kennel
    • Remember to leave a favourite toy and/or blanket (with staff approval)
  • On drop-off day, make good-byes quick and upbeat
    • Dogs can sense and mirror owner fears/anxieties over separation

In truth, dog owners may be more affected by separation anxiety than their pets when a need for professional dog boarding services arises. By pursuing and/or implementing the recommendations noted above, dog owners can make boarding stays a positive experience for their pets – and a worry-free for time themselves to go and enjoy/attend their personal events.

Dog Boarding Service Available In Toronto For Obedience Training Programs

Dog Boarding TorontoFor dog owners in Toronto and the GTA who might prefer or need a dog boarding service as part of an obedience training program, Alpha Paws is pleased to welcome and recommend Goldenvale Veterinary Hospital as an affiliated partner.

Goldenvale offers 14 acres of countryside for dogs to enjoy while they are being boarded for our obedience training programs. In addition to its dog boarding facilities, Goldenvale provides grooming services along with full veterinary services for their Alpha Paws guests.

If you are planning or anticipating the need for dog boarding services while you are away on vacation or attending a family function/event, call Alpha Paws today at either 905-830-9500 or 1-877-868-7297 to discuss how we can help you and your dog to best prepare for this temporary separation.

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