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A Lesson In Off-Leash Dog Walking

For most dogs, being off a leash is associated with fun and freedom. A well trained dog can enjoy the rewards of walking leash-free while still relishing in the love and safety of a family and home. Our expert dog trainers at Alpha Paws are experienced in this more advanced stage of dog training.

Here is some professional advice on off-leash dog walking:

  • Look at the situation from your dog’s point of view: Off-leash, the dog is free to run around as much as he/she wants to. He can now chase your neighbor’s pet bunny or dig through the garbage down the street. You run after him, yelling and he realizes he can outrun you. He is having the time of his life, eluding you – it’s almost a game. Is coming back to life on a leash really better than this kind of liberty?
  • It’s much harder to re-condition your dog than teach her/him something new. The toughest challenge for dog owners is getting your pup back on that leash after a walk. No matter how many dog biscuits you are willing to offer, calling them back from their free spirited run can often be viewed as punishment.
  • So, to start, don’t let your pup off the leash at all. Dog obedience training will make the dog realize that you are the most rewarding life companion. He/she gets food, warmth, shelter, love and kindness from you. Wanting to run off wildly and have a blast in the woods nearby is then, not a frequent thought.
  • As time passes by, you switch to longer leashes. This gives your pet the chance to sniff around and explore the vicinity while you are still in control. Make sure that at all times you are in control of your dog.
  • Finally, ease the dog off the leash. A well-trained dog will not leave your side. She/he will be perfectly content running around freely within the area so you can keep an eye on for the whole duration of the walk.

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