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Dog Obedience Training Can Lead To Better Relationships

The right dog obedience training will lead to a happier and healthier relationship between you and your pet. Along with nutrition and exercise, it is one of the three most important things you can do for your dog.

However, if your dog’s obedience training is not done properly from the start, it can lead to frustration and a strained relationship with your pet.

Your dog and your situation are unique, and so are your obedience training requirements.

If you want the best obedience training for your dog, you need a professional training service with the expertise to assess your situation and recommend the best training solution for you and your dog.

Alpha Paws has experienced and knowledgeable obedience training experts who will work directly with your dog to ensure he/she is properly trained.

Alpha Paws Has A Variety Of Services Available For Your Dog’s Obedience Training

Puppy Pre-School – The first 16 weeks of your puppy’s life are the most important time for learning and setting a good basis for future obedience training. Let our puppy experts show you techniques for training your puppy in this informative one-hour in-home session.

Board And Train Programs – From developing attention span and basic manners, to learning complex hand and verbal signals, Alpha Paws has a variety of five and ten day residency programs for your dog’s obedience training.

Drop-Off Program – For those who can’t bear to be without their dog day and night, we can train your pet through our Drop-Off Program which lets you bring your dog in the morning and pick him/her up in the evening.

Private Lessons – Direct one-to-one obedience training for your dog. We offer three levels of private training, from basic obedience to full off-leash training with hand and verbal signals.

No matter what your dog’s obedience training requirements are, the professional dog training experts at Alpha Paws have the knowledge and experience to assess your needs and recommend the right approach. Contact Alpha Paws today, get a free assessment of your dog’s training needs and start having the warm, loving relationship you have always wanted for you and your dog.

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