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General Tips And Guidelines To Set The Proper Foundation For Dog Training

When you decide to bring a dog into your home and family, it is usually with the inherent understandinProper Dog Training Tips To Help Set The Right Foundationg that some measure of dog obedience training will be required. Although you may primarily be getting a dog for companionship and enjoyment over many years, the amount of pleasure that you will ultimately derive from owning a dog is often tied to the amount of time and effort invested in dog training early in that relationship.



Whether you opt to institute a training program on your own, or use a professional dog training service, the ensuing tips or guidelines will be applicable in either scenario:

Begin dog training as soon as possible

A puppy will essentially act instinctively from the first time it enters your home, so it is important to initiate basic obedience training as soon as possible

Establish roles

In reality, dogs are pack animals and a pack needs a strong leader (alpha) – establish your role as the alpha of your pack (family) before your dog tries to do so, and thereby prevent any confusion about the dog’s position within the pack

Be consistent

With dog training, ensure that all family members are ‘on the same page’ in terms of wording/commands, giving praise, and/or correcting bad behaviour

Be patient

Do not expect too much from your dog too quickly – start slowly, allow time for repetition and for learning to occur, and add more/new commands over time

Reinforce the positive

Give lavish praise and attention to the dog when you see a correct response to training; not always a treat but just signs of affection/approval

Expand boundaries gradually

Restrict access to just one or two rooms or areas in the home at first, then increase the amount of freedom and/or accessible space as training progresses so the dog learns to understand/respect its liberty in the home

Adhering to the above philosophies will play an integral role in your overall dog training efforts. Defining the position of the dog within its pack/family and training for its appropriate behaviour inside and outside that pack will set the foundation for years of enjoyment and companionship – for both you and your pet.

Select The Type Of Dog Training Program That Is The Best For You And Your Dog

Sometimes, despite the best of intentions, conducting dog training on your own may be too time-consuming for you and/or your family. This could lead to inconsistency in the training in terms of your availability/approach and in how the dog responds (or does not respond). This in turn may result in high levels of frustration, for both you and the dog, and the unwitting development of inappropriate/undesirable behaviours by the dog.

If you are currently facing a similar or parallel situation with your dog training, it may be wise to act now and register for professional dog training classes before tensions run too high and your dog develops bad habits that may become almost irreversible.

Alpha Paws offers a variety of dog training programs for both puppies and older dogs. You can select from the following programs based on personal preferences and lifestyle needs, as well as the type of obedience training required and/or the age of your dog:

  • Private Lessons – One-on-one obedience training in the privacy of your home

The professional trainers/instructors at Alpha Paws are highly skilled and experienced in assessing dog training needs on a dog-by-dog basis and can recommend a program and/or course of action that is best for your particular pet.

If you are looking for professional dog training classes in Toronto or the GTA, call the specialists at Alpha Paws today at 905-830-9500 or 1-647-694-4584 to discuss which program would be the best option for your dog.

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