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Reading the Label of Ingredients in Dog Food

Are Dog Owners Sure That They Are Feeding Their Pets Only High-Quality Food?

Two Puppies Staring at While Walking Towards Their FoodMost consumers would likely be familiar with advertising that recommends they read the label before purchasing food products. While these buyers might not be familiar with all of the ingredients listed, they are encouraged to scan the contents for such concerns as salt content, fat content, and the potential for an allergic reaction.

If people are willing to do this to better their own nutrition and health, why would it be different when buying food for their dog? Their mindset should in effect be the same in both cases; reading the ingredients label on a can/bag of dog food is part of responsible dog ownership – plus, dogs cannot read, so they trust their owners to do what is best for them when it comes to feeding time.

Giving a dog better-quality food can result in several positive outcomes, including:

  • Healthier coats
  • Firmer/solid stools
  • Fewer digestive issues

But how does one know what constitutes high-quality/better-quality dog food? Not just be reading the label nor by making the assumption that what is good for the owner must be good for the dog – rather, it is done by understanding the label and not falling victim to manufacturer advertising ploys.

Dog food manufacturers are mandated to list all ingredients contained in their products in descending order of their pre-cooked weights. Though this could be a comprehensive list, perhaps up to 100 items, there are no similar guidelines requiring the companies to actually divulge the specific amount of every ingredient in their foods; therefore, though some of these ingredients might sound nutritious and healthy, there may be insufficient quantities to have any value at all.

As a result, it is customarily accepted by consumer experts that the first five or six items listed on the label of ingredients will define the level of quality of the dog food; from that point onward, or perhaps down the list, the remaining contents are considered by many to merely be an attempt to create a favourable impression without actually providing any benefits for the dog. Based on this general rule-of-thumb, the labels on better-quality dog food should display these ingredients at the top of their list:

  • Meat-based Proteins
  • Carbohydrates and Grains
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Oils and Fat

Many dog owners will say that they only feed the best foods to their pet; to make sure that they are actually practicing what they preach, it would perhaps be advisable to read the labels again, using the information provided here to reassess their buying patterns.

A Full Range of Dog Training and Obedience Classes by Certified Professionals

A Young Boy Giving Water to his DogIn addition to providing proper nutrition, another aspect of responsible dog ownership is enrolling the dog in professional training/obedience classes. Whether it is a new puppy, an adoption, or a family dog that may be having behavioural issues, participation in dog training by a certified trainer from Alpha Paws in Newmarket will provide the guidance or corrective behaviour necessary to make the dog’s relationship with its owner happier and healthier.

To determine the specific focus of the dog training, owners may want to begin with an in-home assessment by an Alpha Paws trainer. These sessions are generally one hour in length, during which the trainer will have an opportunity to observe the dog in its home environment and subsequently recommend the program that is most suitable to the dog.

Alpha Paws provides a full range of dog training programs, conducted at their facilities in Newmarket or as private lessons at the home of the dog owner. Their programs include:

  • House Breaking
  • Basic Obedience
  • Puppy Preschool
  • Off-leash Training
  • Aggression Control
  • Resolving Behavioural Issues

Dog training classes can set the foundation for a happy, healthy dog-owner relationship. Call the specialists from Alpha Paws in Newmarket today at 1-877-868-PAWS (5248) to request an in-home assessment or to discuss the training classes or obedience lessons that will benefit you and your dog.

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