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Free Dog Training Tips For The Fall Season

1. Now that fall has arrived there are less and less leaves on the trees. This means that there is little or no camouflage for the forest animals and therefore they are more visible to your dog on a walk. BE PREPARED on your leash for your dog to run or bolt after something it can now see clearly and from greater distances away!

2. Watch out for acorns that have fallen on the path, they are poisonous to your dog.

3. Twilight comes earlier these days so be careful walking at this time of night. It is harder for cars to see your dog so try and dress appropriately (reflectors or bright clothes). Also, there is an increased chance that you’ll run into skunks and raccoons out and about foraging for food to fatten themselves up for the coming winter. This is definitely a bad time of the year for off leash, as you do not want your dog chasing after one of these troublesome critters!

4. Fall is hunting season so dress yourself and your dog in bright colored clothes in forested areas to avoid any unfortunate hunting accidents!

5. Puppies should not be brought to forested areas in the fall because wild mushrooms and fungi are abundant on the ground, and we all know how curious puppies are and how much they like to pick things up and chew on them!

6. If your puppy does consume a wild mushroom, pick one of those same mushrooms and bring it home with you. If your dog does have a reaction to it you can bring it with you to the vet to show them which one it was the dog ate.

7. Always leash your dog when walking near waterways to prevent any thin-ice drownings, common at this time of year.

8. Fall is one of the best times of year to get pictures of your dog and family together, with all of the beautiful foliage on display!

9. It’s a great time of year for PUMPKIN, and your dog can enjoy it too! Pumpkin is extremely healthy for dogs, especially if they have diarrhea. It’s best served pureed and mixed in with the dogs food.

10. Fall tends to bring with it more wind, rain and wet conditions so it is very helpful to teach your dog to sit just inside the door when they come in from outside so that you can wipe their muddy paws before they proceed further into the house.

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