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7 Ways to Make Your Dog Walk More Fun & Effective

7 Ways to Make Your Dog Walk More Fun & Effective7 Ways to Make Your Dog Walk More Fun & Effective

According to the experts in puppy training classes, the daily walk is an essential part of a dog’s training. This is because they provide opportunities for your dog to explore and learn about the world and develop good habits. It helps to find ways to include walks in their daily routine and come up with ways to make it more enjoyable and productive.

How to Walk a Dog

Ideally, your dog should walk next to you. They should avoid walking more than a few feet ahead of you because you will not have any control if a distraction occurs.

You might also choose a harness over a collar. Harnesses transfer any straining onto the dog’s shoulders and chest instead of their neck.

7 Effective & Easy Ways to Make Your Walk Fun

  • Let Your Pup Explore
    Walks are an excellent physical exercise for your pup. They also help to keep them mentally stimulated. It’s the time your dog gets to go out and explore the world, which is why you must let them sniff around. The specialists in most puppy training preschools recommend adding in 2-3 sniff breaks throughout your walk to keep them engaged.
  • Let Your Puppy Lead the Way
    An easy way to make your dog walk more interesting is to let them decide the direction. This will help you learn about their behaviour, including what interests them. Using these details to manage their training routine can help you teach them the desired behaviour and establish a good relationship.
  • Change Your Route
    The experts in puppy training classes believe that switching up the routes now and then is an effective way to make dog walks more fun. Taking them through a different neighbourhood helps to add some variety into your walking routine. This will provide your pup with opportunities to explore new things and make the daily walks more enjoyable.
  • Change Your Walking Pace
    Switching up the speed of your walk is an excellent way to keep your pup engaged. You may begin at a slower pace, move on to brisk walking, followed by jogging. Also, observe what your dog prefers so that you can learn about their behaviour.
  • Have Quick Training Sessions
    When you are walking your pup, you can practice basic obedience, including commands such as down, stay, and heel. Training your dog to obey your instructions even amidst distractions will help increase their impulse control and sharpen their focus.
  • Bring Some Treats
    Bringing treats along with you for dog walks is an excellent way to make them more enjoyable. You can play quick games, such as tossing some treats into the grass and encouraging your pup to locate them. This will enhance their sniffing abilities and provide mental stimulation.
  • Go to Your Local Park
    Taking your puppy to a local park nearby is a great way to make walks more exciting for them. Allow them to explore and find new smells and locations. You could also invite a friend along so your puppy can enjoy the extra company and get used to being around new people.

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