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Training Your Puppy for a Nighttime Routine

Training Your Puppy for a Nighttime RoutinePuppy Training

Puppies can’t sleep through the night when they’re young. It isn’t until they’re a few months old that they can sleep an entire night without waking up. This can make it hard for new dog owners to get their puppy on a routine that works for them.

These basic steps will help you get your puppy on a good routine and help them sleep through the night.

Where Should Your Puppy Sleep When Training?

It is most effective if your puppy sleeps in your room while you’re training them for nighttime. This way you can see what they’re doing and if they start to fidget or seem like they need to go outside. They will also be more comfortable somewhere close to you than if you placed them in a different room. Sleeping near your pup for the first few nights will also help adjust them from sleeping with their mother and the rest of their litter to sleeping on their own somewhere new. Utilizing a crate will not only make it easier for you but also feel more comfortable for your pup.

Preparing Your Puppy for Bedtime

There are several things you can do at night that will make bedtime easier for both you and your dog. As cute as they look when they’re napping, don’t let them sleep too long in the evening or they will be awake all night. Instead, take them outside, play with them, go for a walk, or any other activity that will tire them out before bed. Also, avoid giving them food or drinks for a few hours before bedtime or they may wake up at night needing to go outside. Always be sure that your puppy is never forced to use the bathroom in their crate, as this can break the habit of holding it when in the crate.

Some other helpful bedtime routines are:

  • Right before you go to bed, take them out for one last bathroom break
  • As soon as you wake up, take your dog outside. If your puppy is younger than four months, you’ll likely have to take them out at least once during the night, so set an alarm.
  • If your puppy uses the bathroom in the crate, set your alarm for a little earlier the next night. If they continue having accidents, move them from a crate to a sectioned-off area instead and try the crate again in a few weeks.

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