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A Puppy And Dog School With The Right Approach

The right puppy and dog training school is not easy to find. Knowing the best option for you and your pet takes research.

The first question you need to answer: Does the school have programs specifically for puppies and fully-grown dogs?

The right school will have the skills and expertise needed to teach your puppy how to learn, which will make later training a much easier and happier experience for your pet.

They will also offer a variety of options to make sure you get the right training for your grown dog.

The professional dog training experts at Alpha Paws have the knowledge and experience to treat your puppy with care and attention. They are also skilled at training your grown dog, from the basics to off-leash verbal and hand commands.

Alpha Paws has the variety of services you need to get the right training for your pet:

Puppy Pre-School – Care, attention and patience when training your puppy in the first 16 weeks is essential to instilling confidence and healthy habits for future learning.

Board and Train Programs – Let Alpha Paws take care of all your dog’s training needs with these comprehensive five and ten-day residency programs.

Drop-Off Program – If you don’t want to be away from your pet, you can choose our convenient drop-off program. Simply bring your dog to the school in the morning and pick them up in the evening.

Private Lessons – Give your dog direct one-on-one training with private lessons from Alpha Paws’ professional dog trainers. Training sessions from 45 to 60 minutes can be arranged to fit your schedule.

Finding the right puppy and dog training school is not easy – so don’t just listen to us, read what our customers have to say.

The professional dog and puppy training experts at Alpha Paws have the knowledge and experience to assess your needs and recommend the right approach. Contact Alpha Paws today, get a free assessment of your dog’s training needs and start having the warm, loving relationship you have always wanted for you and your dog.

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