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Debunking 10 Common Myths About Dog Aggression

Debunking 10 Common Myths About Dog AggressionMisconceptions About Dog Aggression

An aggressive dog is potentially dangerous, which is why they require expert assistance and professional training to manage them. However, there’s much more to dog aggression that pet owners fail to understand. It is one of the most common behavioural problems in dogs and a misunderstood topic because of the misconceptions. Read about some of the widespread myths to understand how aggressive dog training can help.

Busting Common Misconceptions About Dog Aggression

A Good Dog is Never Aggressive

Expecting your dog never to show aggression, no matter what happens, is slightly unrealistic. It is like expecting a person never to have a single disagreement with others.

Generally, dogs exhibit aggression when they are scared, angry, anxious, or frustrated as a way to make others understand their situation. It is a normal form of canine communication. They may growl, snap, lunge, or bark loudly in such cases. Even well-behaved dogs that excel in obedience class may occasionally show such signs.

Aggressive Dogs are Hostile from Birth

Although some dogs have the genetic makeup for an assertive personality, they are rarely aggressive. This is why it is not correct to blame a dog’s nature for its bad behaviour. They usually learn it through previous experiences as a defence mechanism to stay safe from potential threats.

Aggression Occurs Out of the Blue

Dogs are usually good at communicating their distress or discomfort in non-aggressive ways, such as yawning, refusing to look directly at someone, and licking their lips. The situation may escalate if you fail to read and understand their behaviour. If you think your dog attacked suddenly, you may not have noticed the signs of aggression. You can recognize the warning signals by paying attention to your dog’s body language. Moreover, doing so will help you understand the trigger and help you notice their reactions in the future.

All Dog Aggression is the Same

Generally, dog owners consider all aggressive dogs threatening or harmful to other people or animals. However, there are many types of canine aggression, including the following:

  • Fear aggression
  • Pain aggression
  • Frustration-elicited aggression
  • Territorial aggression
  • Defensive aggression

Although it may start with warnings such as growling, stiffening their posture, or snapping, you should treat each type of dog aggression differently. It helps to think of the reason for their bad conduct to determine the kind of aggression they exhibit. This way, you will know what they hope to gain from such situations and act accordingly.

An Aggressive Dog Always Misbehaves

Many people think that a dog that shows any signs of hostility is no longer safe to be around. It helps to know that aggressive behaviour in a dog does not always define its nature. You need to identify and understand the context to determine the cause of aggression and deal with it accordingly. Once you remove the trigger, they will likely behave well.

Dominance is the Main Reason for Aggression

It is a popular misconception that dogs are aggressive towards humans because they try to be dominating. However, hostile behaviour towards humans in most cases is motivated by anxiety or fear. It happens because they try to defend themself against something they consider scary.

You Cannot Manage a Dog Once They Bite Someone

It is a common belief among pet owners that if a dog bites someone or some animal, you can never trust them again. However, professional dog training with suitable plans and smart management can help them. Since the experiences vary, it is best to consult the experts for a reliable evaluation if your dog has bitten someone.

Only Big Dogs Have Problems with Hostile Behaviour

Contrary to popular belief, small dogs are just as likely to be aggressive as big ones. Many dog owners consider it cute when small dogs act tough because their bites may not be as damaging as larger canines. It helps to know that they often tend to overcompensate for their stature by exhibiting aggression. This is why it is wise to address the concern with the help of expert dog trainers for aggressive dogs. They can recommend the best ways to manage your dog’s hostile manners.

You Should Punish Aggressive Dogs for Their Poor Conduct

Many people assume that punishment can help manage aggression in dogs. They often resort to harsh techniques such as rough leash corrections or shock collars to punish them. However, research and studies show that these methods are ineffective and may worsen the problem. Punishing dogs for this behaviour does not teach them what we want and may increase their anxiety and frustration. This is why experts in aggressive dog training use positive reinforcement and careful management to manage hostile conduct.

Dogs with Aggression Problems Need Only Obedience Training

Many dog owners assume that an obedience class is the best option to manage hostile dogs. However, even well-trained ones can be aggressive because knowing how to sit, stay, heel, or lie down on command may not prevent them from acting up. This is because it depends on the cause of aggression. However, it does not mean you shouldn’t train your dog to obey your commands. Obedience training has many advantages, including helping you build a loving relationship with your dog.

We Offer Complete Aggressive Dog Training

At Alpha Paws, we offer effective aggressive dog training and behavioural adjustments to manage hostile dogs. We follow a systematic way of dealing with aggression, including the following:

  • Analyzing your pet’s behaviour
  • Understanding your observations
  • Determining where the breakdown is occurring
  • Design a comprehensive program customized to address the specific issues and their conduct

We will help treat your dog to prevent and discontinue their aggressive behaviour with our private lessons. Our experts will train your dog and help you understand how to manage different situations so you can establish a lasting relationship with your dog.

For more information about training aggressive dogs and our programs, give us a call at 905-830-9500 or toll-free at 1-877-868-7297. You can also fill out our online contact form to submit an inquiry.

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