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A Complete Guide to Training Aggressive Dogs

A Complete Guide to Training Aggressive DogsWhat to Consider When Training Aggressive Dogs

Whether it is towards you, people around them or other animals, aggression in dogs should not be ignored. Although you can work on basic training at your home, you need to identify what makes them aggressive and take steps accordingly. You can help correct and manage the your pet’s unfriendly behaviour with the help of a professional dog trainer. Here’s a complete guide to aggressive dog training, so you know what to expect when training a hostile pup.

Do Not Ignore Aggression in Dogs

Aggression in dogs is an undesirable trait that may lead to your dog or someone around them getting injured. If you notice signs of unfriendly behaviour in your dog, it is essential to find out why, so you can take steps accordingly to reduce their aggression. However, if you notice these traits in a dog that you are not familiar with, it is best to leave it alone.

Occasionally if your dog exhibits aggressive traits, it could be because they are concerned about your safety. Most dogs have a natural defensive mechanism to keep their owners safe from something that they deem as a threat. If you notice your usually tame and relaxed dog behaving angrily, it is best to investigate your surroundings. This is because dogs have a better sense of hearing and smell as compared to humans, and they can recognize any signs of danger immediately. Whether it is the presence of a wild animal nearby or an intruder in your home, your dog’s signs of aggression may be an indicator of such threats.

The Warning Signs of Aggression in Dogs

It is best to identify the warning signs of aggression in your dog to prevent attacks. Be careful and act accordingly if your dog or another dog displays these signs:

  • Standing rigid or still
  • Showing teeth, growling continuously, and snarling
  • A guttural or threatening bark
  • Lunging or charging at other dogs or humans around them
  • Light biting or mouthing, often without applying pressure
  • Nipping or snapping at a person without leaving any marks
  • Biting hard, causing puncture wounds or bruises
  • Biting repeatedly

Common Reasons for Aggression in Dogs

Your dog may lash out for many reasons, which include the following:

  • Most dogs act out because of environmental factors. They may have been abused before you adopted them, which is why particular triggers can make them behave aggressively.
  • If your dog acts hostile after getting hurt, it is highly likely that they are in distress. In such a case, your dog will often stop being aggressive once the pain is relieved.
  • Territorial aggression is also common in dogs. They may show signs of anger when another animal or human approaches something they feel possessive of. They may feel protective of their favourite human, food bowl, a toy, and more, which may provoke them to act out.
  • They may also lash out because of the predatory aggression when chasing animals such as squirrels.
  • According to qualified dog trainers for aggressive behaviour, other reasons for such responses may be fear, defensiveness, and not being familiar with socialization.

Training Aggressive Dogs

The first step when it comes to aggressive dog training is to observe and identify who or what makes them uncomfortable and angry. Be sure to note when your dog shows signs of aggression to a specific friend, family member, strangers, or other animals. It is also crucial to find out if anything particular in their environment is making them hostile. Once you manage to identify the reasons for your dog’s aggression, you can work with professional dog trainers for aggressive behaviour to help them out.

Create a Plan

An expert dog trainer will have the experience and expertise required to help you figure out the best approach when it comes to managing your dog’s hostile behaviour. They will recommend using positive reinforcement to help them learn new behaviours and adopt desirable habits.

Avoid Punishment

Punishing your dog for aggressive behaviour is not the best method, as it tends to backfire in most cases and may even escalate their aggression. If you respond to your growling dog by shouting or hitting them, they may feel threatened and bite you to defend themself. It helps to know that dogs don’t understand punishment, which is why they are likely to act out. A little bit of patience and love can help them become docile and friendly.

Choose a Reliable Professional Dog Trainer

If a medical condition or complication is ruled out as a cause of aggression in your dog, you may call in a professional trainer for aggressive dog behaviour training. Attempting to fix it on your own when you do not have the skills or knowledge to deal with an unfriendly dog may hurt you, your dog, or those around you. A professional dog trainer can help you figure out the cause of your dog’s aggression and help manage it in the best possible way. They will ensure your dog gets adjusted to the changes gradually and becomes less defensive towards you and others at home.

Alpha Paws Offers the Best Aggressive Dog Training

At Alpha Paws, we have expert dog trainers for aggressive behaviour and can help you deal with aggression in your pet. They will help you identify the underlying causes of hostility and come up with a suitable plan to condition them not to act out and calm them. We also offer private lessons at our training facility or in your home. Our instructors will determine where the breakdown is occurring, provide instructions for you and your dog accordingly, offer practice sessions, and help you develop a long-lasting bond.

If you are looking to train your aggressive dog, be sure to give us a call at 905-830-9500 or toll-free 1-877-868-7297. You could also fill out our online contact form if you have any questions for us. We will be more than happy to help you establish a loving relationship with your pup.

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