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Different Types Of Dog Kennels

Dog owners will be very familiar with the term “dog kennel”, but if you asked them to define it, you might get as many different answers as the number of people you ask.

By definition, a kennel is any structure or shelter where dogs are kept. Kennels include everything from a crate or cage used for puppy training or to transport a dog, to a building, set of buildings or property that houses dogs.

The different structures that can be referred to as a “dog kennel” include:

  • Dog Crate Kennels: An enclosure used to keep dogs for training, security or transportation. The crate kennel is intended to replicate a dog’s den, a place where a dog can feel secure, while allowing owners an opportunity to accomplish other tasks without concern for the whereabouts or safety of the dog.
  • Choosing A Dog Crate: The right dog crate depends on your purpose for using it and the needs of your dog. Crates can be made of plastic, aluminum, wire or fabric.
  • Dog Breeding Kennels: Breeding kennels are places designated in accordance with the applicable regulations and rules set by a recognized governing body or advocacy group – in Canada, the main registry of breeding kennels is the Canadian Kennel Club – for the breeding of purebred dogs. Due to regulations, breeding kennels must adhere to certain structural and procedural requirements for the housing and treatment of dogs. Each breeding kennel has a name or pre-fix associated with the kennel that forms the first part of the registered name of a pedigreed dog.
  • Choosing A Breeding Kennel: The first step is to find the dog kennel that offers the breed of dog you want. Check references and ensure they are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club
  • Dog Boarding Kennels: Boarding kennels will accept, house and look after the basic needs of a dog temporarily while the dog’s owner is away or otherwise unable to look after the dog. The services offered by boarding kennels can vary widely, from basic shelter, food and exercise to special menus, bathing and grooming, and extra exercise.
  • Choosing A Boarding Kennel: References are always good and you can ask friends and relatives for recommendations. You can also ask to tour the facility to get a feel for how your dog will be kept and treated. If you are interested in services beyond the basics, look for a boarding kennel that offers the services that are most appealing to you.

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