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Popular and Effective Dog Training Methods

Knowing different dog training methods can help you maintain a good relationship with your pup

Dog Training MethodsPopular and Effective Dog Training Methods

House training a puppy can be difficult. Some pet owners find it overwhelming to find the dog training method that works for them. The fact that there is a great deal of disagreement within the professional dog training community regarding ethical and effective methods also doesn’t help. If you are wondering how to train your dog positively, we as well-known trainers providing dog training in Toronto are here to guide you.

4 Common Types of Dog Training Used by Trainers

  • Dominance or Alpha Dog

    For owners looking for ways to establish dominance over their dog and discourage unwanted behaviour while still building a good relationship with them, dominance training can help. It relies on a puppy’s instinctual mentality to create a hierarchy and follow an authoritative figure. Some training methods used in this technique include the following:

    • Observing and understanding your puppy’s body language
    • Responding adequately to your dog
    • Projecting authority and confidence
    • Establishing dominance when entering or leaving a room or eating
    • Training them to sit down and wait while you open the door before going for a walk
    • Teaching them to stay calm when you are busy with other activities such as preparing their food
  • Positive Reinforcement

    The theory behind this dog training method is that puppies will repeat behaviours that earn them a reward. Naturally, you will have to reward them with a treat or a toy or praise them for the desired behaviour and not acknowledge the bad actions. This will help them to differentiate between good and bad habits. This technique does not involve any harsh forms of punishment. If you feel the need to reprimand your puppy, you may take away their reward. Since positive reinforcement is a continuous process, it helps if your family members also take part in it and are aware of what is good and bad behaviour.

  • Clicker Training

    This is similar to the positive reinforcement training method and is often grouped with it. It involves making a quick, distinct noise using a clicker or merely whistling to signal to your pup when they behave properly. It also helps to reward them for good behaviour. When used with other training methods, clicker training helps to make sure your pup is obedient and well-trained.

  • Relationship-Based Training

    This method tends to focus more on an individualized approach to dog training, driven by the bond between you and your puppy. This technique helps to meet your expectations as well as your puppy’s needs by improving communication and strengthening your relationship. Although this dog training method helps to cultivate a deep bond, it takes patience and time. It also helps to know the following things:

    • How to read your pup’s body language
    • Different ways to meet their basic needs
    • The types of rewards that encourage yourdog
    • The kind of environment they like

Using Both Traditional and Modern Dog Training Methods

At Alpha Paws, we use the most effective dog training programs to help you develop and maintain a beautiful bond with your puppy. We can come up with the best training methods to house train a puppy and help you understand their behaviour.

If you wish to train your pup using positive dog training techniques, reach out to our experts by calling 1-877-868-5248 (PAWS) or fill out our online form if you have any questions.

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