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How to Calm an Aggressive Dog

How to Calm an Aggressive Dog7 Approaches to Calm an Aggressive Dog

Dogs tend to display aggressive behaviour for many reasons, including fear, anxiety, illness, and more. Recognizing and understanding what your dog’s triggers are is essential to manage their aggression. You may consider hiring experts who offer dog training services to curb their hostile behaviour. However, before you do so, learn more about the approaches and methods to calm your aggressive dog. This will help you establish a long-lasting bond with them.

Dealing with Aggression in Dogs

Understand Your Dog’s Triggers

Learning the reasons for aggression in your dog will help you address them appropriately. If possible, identify if it is caused by any trauma. For example, a rescue dog may have had a difficult past which led to aggressive habits. You could also discuss your dog’s behaviour with your vet to determine if any medication could help. Enrolling them in aggressive dog training courses with a professional will allow you to get expert guidance into behaviour management.

Be Calm

Dogs are typically sensitive to others’ moods, especially when they are aggressive. Do not raise your voice or force them to move quickly and avoid tensing or pulling on their leash. Be composed and determine the best way to manage them. Lead your dog away from the source of aggression safely, if possible. If you are calm, your dog will be calmer too.

Exercise Your Dog

Many aggressive dogs tend to benefit from an extensive exercise regimen. This is because burning more energy improves their state of mind and makes them less likely to exhibit aggression. Take your dog for walks twice a day regularly. You could also take them to the park, where they can burn off excess energy.

Socialize Your Dog

Socializing your dog when they are young can help them get used to interactions with other dogs and humans. You can arrange playdates with other dogs to give them opportunities for safe social interaction. You can also enroll them in dog obedience classes with experienced instructors where they will meet other dogs.

Create Space

If your dogs exhibit signs of aggression when they see another dog approaching, ensure there is a safe distance and wait for the other dog to pass. Avoid pulling on the leash. Instead, lead them away calmly. Having enough space between them will help you avoid any hostile interaction.

Practice Blocking

You may try using a blockade, such as a tree or a car, to block them from approaching and keep their aggression at bay. Blocking their line of vision can help avoid the situation entirely. If you have enrolled in an aggressive dog training program, use the instructions and commands your dog has learned to relieve tension.

Consider Professional Dog Training and Obedience Classes

A reputable dog training school can help you manage your pup. They will analyze your dog’s behaviour, understand the cause of the aggression, and provide you with the best solution to manage them.

We Offer Comprehensive Aggressive Dog Training

Alpha Paws is a leading name when it comes to dog obedience and aggressive dog training. We have expert trainers to address your dog’s hostility and help you establish a beautiful bond with them.

For more details about our dog training services, call us at 905-830-9500 or toll-free at 1-877-868-7297. We also offer private lessons where you can work one-on-one to understand your dog better.

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