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Information and Options for Adopting a Dog

Obedience Training Classes May Be a Fundamental Aspect to Adopting a Dog

Happy Dog at the Animal ShelterIt is indeed unfortunate when individuals or families need to place their dog for adoption.  Whether this must be done for family reasons, matters of personal health, relocation, or lifestyle changes, the dog is an innocent party in these decisions.  What is perhaps even more disheartening is a circumstance that mandates the removal of a dog from its home due to mistreatment or unacceptable living conditions.

Dogs want companionship, and in return, are willing to give unequivocal love and loyalty to their owner-family.  This is what dogs ‘sign up for’ when they leave their litter for their new home; it can be heart wrenching for them when they must be given away or taken away and placed in a shelter or with a rescue organization devoted to their breed.

Fortunately, there are such places and organizations, and people who run them, who are committed to finding adoptive homes for dogs who can no longer live with their current families.  Some of these organizations include:

Equally fortuitous for dogs that require relocation is the fact that there are other families who will gladly welcome them into their homes and lives.  Under these circumstances, it will be important for the new family to look beyond the emotions of rescuing/rehoming a dog and consider such aspects as the following before formalizing an adoption:

  • Age of the dog
  • Ages of family members
  • Life expectancy of the breed
  • Grooming needs and frequency
  • Daily exercise needs for the dog
  • Possible dog training requirements
  • Annual costs – food, veterinary care, licensing
  • Adaptability of the home to accommodate the dog
  • Adaptability of the property – fencing, pool cover, landscaping

Adopting a dog is a commendable action and one that can be most gratifying for the dog and its new owners.  But any such reward is often predicated on the compatibility of the dog, and perhaps the breed in general, with its adoptive family members and with its new environment.  Working in collaboration with a certified agency/organization can help find the right match and the right environment for a mutually-rewarding relationship.

Professional Dog Trainers Can Advise on Training Needs When Adopting a Dog

Pet AdoptionAs mentioned above, dog training classes may be a fundamental component of adopting a dog.  Such lessons might be needed to establish basic obedience commands, address behavioural issues, or for housebreaking purposes (especially with puppy adoptions).

To weigh the need for any dog training, and the specific nature of those classes, owners can request an in-home assessment by a professional trainer from Alpha Paws.  Over the course of one hour, an Alpha Paws trainer will observe the dog in its new environment to determine what training might be advisable or necessary then recommend the program that is best suited to the needs of the dog.

Depending on the specific goal or goals of this training, the dog will learn one or more of the following:

  • Basic obedience commands
  • Respecting and obeying commands
  • Responding to verbal and hand gestures
  • Displaying appropriate household manners
  • On-leash training plus basic off-leash training
  • Differences between wanted and unwanted behaviours

For more information on the dog obedience training programs offered by the dog trainers from Alpha Paws, please see our Obedience Training page.

When adopting a dog, there may be a need for obedience or behavioural training to help the dog assimilate into its new family and environment.  Call the dog training specialists at Alpha Paws today at 1-877-868-PAWS (5248) to request an in-home assessment and to discuss the type of dog classes or lessons that would be the most beneficial for you and your new dog.

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