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Is the Owner at Fault for Aggressive Dogs?

Is the Owner at Fault for Aggressive Dogs?It is a common belief that dogs are a reflection of their owners, but can we really place the blame entirely on the owners for the aggressive nature of their dog?

Before we discuss how to effectively train an aggressive dog further, first, let’s first define what we mean by an aggressive dog. Generally, a dog who frequently displays a behaviour with an intent to bite, harm or attack a person or an animal, can be said to have violent tendencies, or be aggressive.

Although in some cases the dog owners may handle their pet’s bad behaviour inadequately or even encourage it unknowingly, one cannot always blame them exclusively. In some instances, the owners accept that they have made some mistakes in handling their pup. Though it is appreciable that they do not wish to blame their pet, it is equally important to realize that their pet is also responsible for their actions. Only then you can come up with appropriate solutions.

You can help to train your aggressive dog by keeping in mind the following essential points:

  • Get to Know Your Dog Properly

    You may feel the need to defend others from your dog, but you must acknowledge that they need to learn how to make the right decisions. If you have a protective dog and someone new, say a repair person, is coming over, put them in the other room. You know that they will get antsy but letting your dog loose in this situation is not worth risking them make a wrong decision. You should get to know how they will react in various situations and decide your actions accordingly.

  • Engage in Regular & Proper Training Sessions

    No matter whether you adopt an adult rescue dog or a puppy, it is advisable to get training quickly. While a dog without proper training will end up vulnerable and might become out of control, they may also become depressed and fearful if they feel they are not appreciated. It is important to discipline your pup, praise them, set specific habits, and establish yourself as the leader. Strike a balance and learn how to interact with your pup as well to handle the problems when they pop up. To help stop them from behaving aggressively, you could make use of the following:

    • Physical correction to make your pup behave properly.
    • Come up with an adverse response to stop his violent behaviour.
    • Take away the benefits of the unwanted actions.
  • Get a Second Opinion

    When you have a dog who bites and behaves poorly, everyone will have something to say and offer opinions. Some might say it’s your fault while others may feel your pup is at fault, and that they should be rehomed due to their aggressive behaviour. Instead of listening to the views of others, you should get a second opinion from a qualified source & stick to the following:

    • Consult your vet for a complete check-up and rule out any medical causes.
    • Get the help of a qualified dog trainer as vets may not have a full understanding of dog behaviour training.

The long-term success in raising a pet depends on both, the dog and the owner. Keep these details in mind and enjoy having a loving pet around you.

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