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Is Virtual Training Right for Your Dog?

Is Virtual Training Right for Your Dog?Virtual dog training services

Virtual dog training was not really popular until the COVID pandemic made it impossible for pet owners to avail of in-person service. Today, it is one of the primary dog training services that allow you and your pet to manage certain dog behaviour problems and learn new concepts from the comfort of your home or anywhere in the world.

However, you should know the best time to opt for a virtual dog training service. Here are answers to some of the most common questions that will help you choose the right type of training.

How Virtual Dog Training Service Works

Virtual dog training involves one-on-one live sessions. You only need access to a computer or smartphone with a camera and internet connection. Professional dog training services use platforms such as Zoom to allow seamless interaction and coaching.

First, you need to book a schedule according to your requirements and complete an enrollment form laying out your training goals. You can prioritize the goals depending on the needs of your dog. Your trainer will come prepared for each session, and you can ask questions or make requests to focus on particular concepts.

During the training, the trainer may use their dog to demonstrate things for you. They will help you understand things by showing them practically so you can repeat the same with your pet and provide immediate feedback.

Is Virtual Dog Training as Effective as In-Person Training?

Yes. Expert dog trainers and pet owners have found virtual training to be as effective as in-person dog training services. You will receive complete guidance and step-by-step instructions as in an in-person class. The only difference is that you will be handling your dog during the sessions, which will eventually help you build confidence when training your pet.

Is My Dog a Candidate for Virtual Training?

Virtual learning is a great option to teach your dog or young pup basic obedience and manners. Many puppy problems, such as biting and potty training, can be accomplished effectively.

Benefits of Virtual Dog Training Services

Aggression & Reactivity

Your dog may show aggression towards other dogs, individuals, or kids. Virtual dog training significantly helps in this situation as you do not want to stress your pet with a trainer and another dog in the room.

We take a scientific and natural training approach to help your pet change their opinion about someone or something they feel uncomfortable with. This is easy to achieve through online training as we demonstrate behaviour modification techniques using our dog.

Fear & Anxiety

If you have a dog that becomes anxious, scared, or shy of people, in-person training may not be effective. This is when you can opt for a virtual meeting with a trainer while your dog is comfortable doing their favourite activity in their space. The professional can demonstrate training techniques through live video and help you repeat the same with your pet while they are monitoring the progress.

Family Manners

Dog training is not just about teaching your pet. It also includes essential lessons for you as a pet owner because you are the one who will be spending most of the time living and caring for your dog. When it comes to behaviour challenges, such as pulling on a leash or not coming when called, a virtual session will help you learn how to manage such situations.

Puppy Socialization

Virtual training is also effective for puppies. When you get your young pup home, things might be overwhelming. You need to teach your dog many things, and in between, you might need ideas, tips, and tricks to evaluate and troubleshoot a problem or get quick answers to questions as a new pet owner. In such situations, nothing could be better than virtual training.

Separation Anxiety

If your pet has separation anxiety, monitoring small changes in body language during the stress period is vital. But the physical presence of the trainer will alter their behaviour and make it hard to get accurate data to meet the dog’s specific needs. Even if you hire a trainer, it is practically not possible for them to visit your place daily to assess minor changes. But with online meetings and recorded videos, it’s easily achievable.

Virtual Dog Training Service is Great in An Emergency Situation

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of virtual training is that you can seek help within minutes from anywhere. If your dog has suddenly gotten into a problem at home or outside, you could call the trainer for quick help using your smartphone.

Alpha Paws Provides Virtual Dog Training Services

At Alpha Paws, we understand the importance of dog training and are committed to providing complete assistance, whether online or in person. Our trainers specialize in giving advanced instructions through online dog training with the objective of building a healthy and long-lasting relationship between you and your pet. We also offer weekly webinars designed with the needs of dog owners in mind.

If you are looking for dog training services in Aurora, Georgina, Newmarket, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Stouffville or other areas in the GTA, we are here to help. Contact us or fill out our form to learn more about our online or in-person training.

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