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Off-Leash Dog Training: How to Build Reliability

Off-Leash Dog Training: How to Build ReliabilityOff-Leash Dog Training: How to Build Reliability

Watching your dog playing and running free and then seeing them return when you call is quite exhilarating. You and your pet can achieve this through off-leash dog training. These lessons are unique from other basic training as they help develop a great bond of trust and friendship between you and your dog.

This article gives insights into how you can help your pup develop reliable recall with fun games and daily activities.

Incorporate Off-Leash Dog Training in Daily Activities

Play Recall Games When Providing Off-Leash Dog Lessons

Back and Forth

This one requires two individuals who can call the dog one after the other. Each time your dog comes to you, reward them.

Hide and Seek

Let your dog stay in a room while you go to another room and hide. Now call your dog by saying “come find me” with emphasis on the word ‘come.’ Reward them every time they come to you with a big smile on your face. Repeat the hide and seek game three to ten times and when your pet understands the game, you can start playing unexpectedly, even outdoors.

Recall During Dinner Time

Prepare dinner in front of your dog. Take the food to another room and ensure your dog stays in the same place. Now call your pet to you and give them the food as a reward.

Recall Reward Game

This is a simple game where you call your dog to you. When they come, play with them for at least 3 to 4 minutes.

Recall Rules for Off-Leash Dog Training Success

Here are some simple rules to keep in mind to help you and your dog maintain a reliable recall:

  • Avoid ending any play by calling your pet to you. Wait until they come to you or go to get them.
  • Keep following a recall with your dog’s favourite things.
  • Avoid calling your pup continuously when you know they can’t come.
  • Always remember to be cheerful and excited when your dog comes to you.

Develop a Reliable Recall

Focus On What Distracts Your Dog

Make a list of what distracts them from the easiest to most challenging to overcome. A young puppy may find everything in their surroundings distracting, so it may take longer to get their attention. Practice with 30 different distractions to build a successful recall.

Work on One Distraction at a Time

You should start with the easiest distraction and move ahead to the most difficult. Practice each level until your dog comes to you happily despite the distraction. It could take a few training sessions for easy distractions, while more challenging ones may take up to a week or more.

Practice in Different Places

Practice off-leash dog training in a variety of places indoors and outdoors. If your pup is distracted by a falling leaf in the yard, practice the same distraction inside the house until they master it. Then, you can try a lesson in the park.

Give a Treat Equal to the Level of Difficulty in the Recall

If your dog comes to you after a challenging distraction, ensure you give them a high-value reward. Never miss giving a great treat every time to help reinforce their ability to come when called.

When to Start a Professional Off-Leash Dog Training

Doing dog lessons at home can become overwhelming as it requires a consistent and systematic approach accomplished with patience. Taking it one step at a time can help build a stronger recall, even under challenging circumstances. If your dog still isn’t responding to your call, you may want to consider calling a professional off-leash dog training service.

Expert dog trainers know how to work with dogs who do not respond to recalls. They can understand any underlying cause and introduce different scenarios through which your pup consistently learns to focus on you and responds despite various distractions.

Benefits of Off-Leash Dog Training with Us

Our trainers are skilled at teaching your dog to listen to your instructions while keeping the focus on building a healthy, life-long relationship between you and your pet. Some of the features of our training include:

  • We provide off-leash dog training taking care to avoid any health or safety concerns.
  • We teach your pet based on their individual training needs.
  • We take a natural approach to training every dog.

As an experienced off-leash dog training service, we recommend follow-up practice and reinforcement after the private lessons are complete.

To learn more about our services, contact us at 905-830-9500 or toll-free at 1-877-868-7297. You can also fill out our form to connect with one of your dog experts.

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