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Finding The Right Dog Obedience Classes In Toronto

Trying to find good dog obedience classes in Toronto and the GTA is sometimes like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The haystack is the number of obedience training options you will find, which are plentiful in Toronto, and the needle is the number of good dog obedience schools, which are relatively few.

And the absolutely right one for you and your dog is even more difficult to find. But you can improve your chances by learning about and looking for certain signs that may indicate an obedience class will be better for you and your dog.

  • Location: Having a great dog obedience school right next door would be perfect. But you most likely don’t, which means you have to travel. Many dogs are stressed by car travel and many are not. If you can travel further, you can expand your horizon of options.The best location for your pet’s obedience training is your home, which you can get from private lessons. In addition to being in familiar surroundings, private obedience classes offer a number of advantages that simply can’t be offered in group training at another location:
    • Less confusion for your dog
    • Fewer distractions during training
    • The trainer’s full attention
  • Breed: While most breeds respond to dog obedience training is similar ways, many need a little more help with certain behaviours. Taking obedience training with dogs of the same or similar breed can provide some specific training that would not be available in a general class.
  • Technique: Obedience training can be given using different techniques, each one has its supporters in the training community and it’s sometimes difficult for dog owners to choose which one works best for them and their pets. Only you can decide, so don’t be afraid to ask a dog trainer detailed questions about the training techniques and what you will have to do to reinforce the training

If there is any advice that can help anyone find better dog obedience schools in Toronto, it is to think about your dog, who will learn better in an environment that most closely reflects his or her natural environment. Dogs are pack animals and live and learn better when they feel that they are a useful part of a pack. Your dog looks on your family as its pack. The right obedience training will reinforce the pack mentality and make it clear in your dog’s mind that your are the “alpha dog”, or leader of the pack.

  • Private Training Lessons – Three levels of training for your dog, from basic obedience training up to full off-leash training, all delivered in the comfort of your home and yard.
  • Nutritional Counselling – Get the biologically appropriate diet for your dog. Alpha Paws offers in-home nutritional counselling for you and your family that can help extend your dog’s life, improve their quality of life and reduce your vet bills

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