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The Benefits Gained From A Dog Obedience School For Dogs And Their Owners

The excitement and euphoria of getting a dog, perhaps as a new puppy or a rescue, will be tempered by the fact that a fair amount of time and effort must be invested in dog obedience training.  Without proper obedience training, a dog will ultimately “train itself” to act instinctively with respect to satisfying its basic needs, and these self-taught behaviours may not or will not necessarily be acceptable to its owner, other members of the family, neighbours, and/or other dogs.

Consequently, utilizing the professional training services provided by a dog obedience school can be a very worthwhile investment in ensuring that the dog behaves in a well-adjusted and acceptable manner, leading to a lifetime of mutually satisfying and stress-free companionship.

Although there may be some benefit to “home schooling” a dog, notably in terms of cost savings, there are several advantages and benefits to be gained from a dog obedience school, for both the dog and its owner, that would be difficult (or perhaps impossible) to achieve or replicate through “home schooling”.

Benefits For The Dog

Apart from the obvious goal of learning basic commands, enrollment in dog obedience training provides a number of benefits for the dog, including:

  • Distinguishing between desirable and undesirable behaviours (e.g.: biting, chewing)
  • Prevention of potential behavioural problems
  • Socialization and appropriate interaction with other dogs
  • Socialization with people other than its owner and family members
  • Gaining self-confidence i.e.: knowing what to do to please its owner
  • Learning how to process and perform basic commands amid noise/distractions

Dog obedience training and its associated benefits should not be undervalued or taken lightly. Investing in the cost of training with a dog obedience school is a small price to pay for the ensuing years of enjoyment with a good-natured and well-behaved dog.

Benefits For The Owner

Dog owners can also experience a variety of benefits by being active participants in the training classes offered by a dog obedience school. Such positive outcomes would be:

  • Establishing their role as the ‘alpha’ within the dog-owner relationship
  • Bonding and building an enduring trust with their dog
  • Learning how to communicate with the dog (how to speak its language)
  • Concentrating/reducing the time and effort needed for dog obedience training
  • Sharing concerns, insights, and experiences with other dog owners
  • Meeting other dog owners – this shared interest can often lead to new friendships

It is also recommended that the dog owner should request an opportunity to observe or audit a dog obedience training class before enrolling their dog in such a program. It is very important that the owner and the dog are comfortable with the training approach and style employed by the dog obedience school in order for both parties (owner and dog) to achieve the maximum return and benefits from this investment.

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