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Tips for Bathing Your Dog in the Winter

bathing your dog in winter

During the winter time, your pup can get just as dirty as they do in the summer. Although it may not be mud and murky water, the snow, salt, and sand from roads and stick to your dog’s fur. There are some considerations to take into account when washing your dog in the colder weather and following these tips will help keep your canine clean and happy.

Turn Up the Temperature in Your Home: Turning up the temperature in your home will help your dog keep themselves warm as they dry. If it is too cold, their risk of developing hypothermia increases as it is hard for dogs to keep their body temperature up while they are wet.

Ensure the Water is Warm: By using a warmer bath water than you may during the summer, you are also helping your dog to maintain a healthy body temperature. Test it with your hands to make sure it isn’t too hot for your pup’s paws.

Use Moisturizing Shampoos and Conditioners: With the cooler, dry air that comes in the winter, your dog is more likely to develop flaky skin that could use some moisture. Using an oatmeal shampoo can help provide some extra skin-nourishing benefits for your pup, or have your vet recommend the best moisturizing shampoos, conditioners, and rinses for you to use.

Dry Them Well: Using an absorbent towel will help to soak up some of the water your dog has accumulated during bath time. It will help to quicken the overall drying time and allow them to be back outside faster than if they were to air dry and helps to warm them up a bit after their bath as well. Taking some of the excess water off their coat with the towel also means that less will be all over your home when your dog inevitably does the ‘wet dog shake’ as they run from the tub.

Keep Them Inside Until They’re Dry: Of course, the main tip for giving your dog a bath during the cold, wintery days is to keep them indoors until they have completely dried off. They risk hypothermia if they’re outdoors for even a few minutes while wet, and it’s uncomfortable on their paws and bodies to be exposed to the biting cold air.

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best behaviour from your dog

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